Affordable Anthian is the lowest-tier apartment that has small and cheap living spaces for players to buy. The apartments that are available for purchase are located in Anthian City - Housing District, just beside the Golden Poké Ball. The marked price of the rooms here are low to suit residents of the lower class. There are 3 unique layouts from the other apartments that can be bought by the player, which are Cube, Steppes and The View.


Listed below are 3 different layouts available for purchase here, sorted in ascending order of the marked price. As with other apartments, all rooms come in "bare shells" such that players can buy whatever furniture they like and decorate the room by themselves.


Cube is not much bigger than a cubicle unit.

The Cube layout is the dullest out of all apartment rooms to buy out of every room in the district, at 1000 dollars. The room is simply cube-shaped and has some space for putting furniture in the middle of it.


Steppes is notable for having different elevations.

The Steppes theme is the second apartment room available to buy in Affordable Anthian, which costs 5000 dollars. This layout is an advancement of the Cube as it has a larger space, and includes a staircase which goes down to a lower elevation.

The View

As ironic as it seems, The View only has a view of a brick wall.

Sold at 25000 dollars, The View is the last apartment room available for purchase in Affordable Anthian and is moderately priced. It is a medium-sized space, and like Steppes, has a staircase that goes to a lower elevation. Like the name suggests somewhat, there is a window that provides a view of the outside, but ironically, the window is blocked by a brick wall of another building.


  • Affordable Anthian suffered a health code violation and was forced to shut down for almost 1 full year, from 1st October, 2016 to 22nd September, 2017, because Ratatta was reported to be found in one of the rooms.
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