Aife's Shelter is a facility located in Port Decca, maintained by the Developer Aife and Community Manager Pullyourtangles. It is where Aife allows the player to adopt 1 out of 3 cat Pokémon of his or her choice. Due to the excessive amount of stray cat Pokémon, Aife takes them inside the shelter to aid them. Pullyourtangles also operates in the Shelter and offers to groom the player's Furfrou to different trims.


Aife permits the player to adopt only 1 of the 3 following cat Pokémon, which are Kantonian Meowth, Glameow or Purrloin. All of them start at Lv. 25.

Warning: The player can only choose one of the Pokémon.

Pokémon Type Level Image Status
Kanto Form
Normal Lv. 25
Meowth-Kanto XY.gif
Glameow Normal
Glameow XY.gif
Purrloin Dark
Purrloin XY.gif

Click on the Pokémon names to check their learnsets on Bulbapedia. All Pokémon above follow their movesets in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Furfrou Grooming

Behind the counter, Aife (left) gives the player one of the 3 cat Pokémon, while Pullyourtangles (right) offers to groom the player's Furfrou.

Starting from Version 0.14.1e update on 28th June, 2017, Pullyourtangles has a service that allows the player to customize his or her Furfrou into a different trim by answering multiple questions about how player wants their Furfrou to look like. Then, she will change the Furfrou based on the questions selected. The steps for achieving each style of Furfrou is shown below. There are 9 trims that Furfrou can be groomed into:

A Branched Tree Diagram for getting Furfrou trims

Trim Image Instructions
Dandy Trim
Furfrou-Dandy Menu Sprite.png
Cool - Classy - Formal
Star Trim
Furfrou-Star Menu Sprite.png
Cool - Classy - Minimalist
La Reine Trim
Furfrou-LaReine Menu Sprite.png
Cool - Exotic - Flowing Rivers
Kabuki Trim
Furfrou-Kabuki Menu Sprite.png
Cool - Exotic - Rising Sun
Pharaoh Trim
Furfrou-Pharaoh Menu Sprite.png
Cool - Exotic - Ancient Tech
Matron Trim
Furfrou-Matron Menu Sprite.png
Cute - Fancy - Pink
Debutante Trim
Furfrou-Debutante Menu Sprite.png
Cute - Fancy - Not Pink
Heart Trim
Furfrou-Heart Menu Sprite.png
Cute - Simple - Love
Diamond Trim
Furfrou-Diamond Menu Sprite.png
Cute - Simple - Wisdom

If the player wishes to change his or her Furfrou's trim, talk to Pullyourtangles again and the player would be able to choose a new style for Furfrou or remove Furfrou's haircut to change it back into its Natural Form. Note that the setting of automatically reverting to Natural Form after 5 days from the previous trim, or if Furfrou is deposited and retrieved from PC, is not implemented in this game, so if the player wishes to remove Furfrou's haircut, he or she has to approach Pullyourtangles.


  • Aife is one of the Developers for this game. She is an artist, creating certain assets and battle backgrounds in Battle Colosseum for the game.
    • Unlike her normal avatar, she was first shown with a sad face.
    • Aife is also a person who loves cats, which explains why her shelter is filled with cat Pokémon.
  • Pullyourtangles is one of the Community Managers in this game. She is an artist as well, drawing some of the backgrounds of PC Boxes.
  • Aife and Pullyourtangles have been featured in their artworks in Pokémon Museum of History, Anthian City - Housing District. They both were runner-ups in the Pokémon Brick Bronze Art Contest 2016.
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