Anthian Abodes is the medium-tier apartment that has humble and modest-quality living spaces available for players to buy. The apartments to buy are located in Anthian City - Housing District, right next to Pokémon Museum of History. The marked prices of the rooms here are moderate to suit residents of the middle class. There are 3 unique layouts that can be bought by the player, which are Terrace, The Verge and Whirl.


Listed below are 3 different layouts available for purchase here, sorted in ascending order of the marked price. As with other apartments, all rooms come in "bare shells" such that players can buy whatever furniture they like and decorate the room by themselves.


Terrace Layout

The Terrace layout with a small balcony leading outside.

The Terrace layout is the cheapest and the most humble room for purchase out of the 3 layouts, sold at a low price of 50000 dollars. It is a compact apartment, with a small outside space and a tiny staircase leading up to the second room.

The Verge

The Verge Layout

A view of The Verge — the second most expensive room available.

The Verge is moderately-priced, with a marked cost of 75000 dollars, and consists of 2 floors. The first floor has a medium-sized staircase that leads up to the second floor, where players can see the sky out the window located on the top of the north wall.


Whirl Layout

The Whirl Layout is the most extravagant and complex living space in Anthian Abodes.

Sold at 125000 dollars, the Whirl Layout is the most extravagant layout that can be bought in Anthian Abodes, with two small rooms, a big set of stairs leading up to the second floors, as well as a spacious and airy hall on the first floor. With 5 pillars placed strategically along the floor borders, the second floor is vast and immense.


  • Before the Version 0.15 update on 22nd September, 2017, the vacant rooms in Anthian Abodes were being renovated for nearly an entire year.
  • The definition of abode, which the facility's name is based on, is a place of residence or home.
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