Anthian Furniture is a furniture store in Anthian City - Shopping District, between Hobo's Lucky Lotto and the entrance of Anthian Park. Before the shop is ready for service, it was set up by MySixthSense, who is one of the Main Developers. When the shop officially opened on 22nd September, 2017, Developers Brie_Bee and Johnlitt have joined as co-owners as well. Anthian Furniture sells a wide variety of furniture for the apartments in Housing District, presenting 14 unique and diverse furniture styles.

Regular Furniture

The regular furnitures come in 14 different styles. There are 21 kinds of furniture, but some of them are exclusive to certain styles. On the other hand, Royal is the most expensive style, while Classic theme offers the most kinds of furniture. The Honeycomb and Unown themes are special in their own that they draw inspiration from actual Pokémon: the Combee family for the former and Unown for the latter. Talk to Johnlitt for buying these types of furniture.

General Selection

13 kinds of furniture, as shown in the top row, can be picked in most of the themes. Some of the furniture types are not available in certain styles, thus denoted by "N/A".

Style Bed Bookshelf Chair Clock Coffee Table Couch Dining Table Dresser End Table Lamp Potted Plant TV Set Wall Shelf
Ancient $9000$3000$800$3500$2000$2000N/A$3000$900$1500$900$10000$800
Classic $5000$2000$500$2500$1500$1500$2000$1500$800$1500$900$12000$700
Cute $4000$2500$1000N/A$1900N/A$2400N/AN/A$1700$900$4500N/A
Honeycomb $7000$3000$800$2000$2000$2000$3000$3500$900$1500$900$7000$900
Marble $6000$2000$600$2500$1500$1500$2000$2000$900$1400$900$12000$1000
Modern $5000$2000$800$2500$1500$1500$2000$1500$600$1400$800$11000$600
Next Level $8000$4000$900N/A$2000$2500$3500$3000$1000$2500$1000$12000$1000
Royal $65000$30000$10000$45000$25000$30000$35000$25000$10000$20000$10000$60000$10000
Rustic $4000$2000$800$2500$2000$1500$3000$2500$800$1500$1000$10000$800
Sci-Fi $6000$3500$1000$3500$2000$3000$4000$3500$1000$2000$1000$13000$800
Sleek $5000$3000$900$2500$1500$2000$2500$2000$1000$1500$1000$11000$900
Slick $6000$3000$1000$4000$2000$2500N/A$3000$1000$2000$1000$11000$900
Smooth $5000$2500$900$2600$2000$2400$3000$2500$900$2000$1000$12000$800
Unown $15000$10000$3000$11000$6000$7000$9000$6000$3000$5000N/A$25000$2000

Exclusive Selection

8 types of furniture are unique for 1 or 2 themes.

FurnitureStyle Price
Bench Cute $1800
Daybed Classic $1500
Dining Chair Classic $700
Divider Classic $1500
Sectional Next Level $4500
Cute $4000
Wall Clock Honeycomb $1200
Next Level $1000
Vanity Cute $3500
Wardrobe $2000


Shortly after the shop opened, 3 sets of kitchenware are also added here. All items have the same name in these 3 sets, but they differ in colour and also have slightly different marked price.

KitchenwareKitchen 1Kitchen 2Kitchen 3
Cabinet D $800 $900 $1000
Cabinet L $700 $800 $900
Cabinet R $700 $800 $900
Counter $2500 $2500 $3000
Range & Sink $3000 $3000 $3000
Fridge $2000 $2000 $2500

Miscellaneous Items

The Misc. menu provides around 80 items for players to further decorate their apartments. Johnlitt is once again in charge for purchasing them.

Basketball Hoop $5800
Basketball $800
Soccer Goal $3500
Soccer ball $800
Ping Pong Table $9000
Hoverboard Rack $4500
Swords Stack $7000
Pool $2000
Lockers $4000
Whiteboard $1500
School Desk $2200
Weights $6000
Treadmill $4000
Exercise Mat $2000
PC Desk $4000
All-in-One PC $8000
Server $4500
Machine $10000
Monitor Array $10000
Test Tube $9000
Telescope $6000
Huge Table $4000
Dining Chairs $900
Fireplace $5000
Safe $3000
Wall Lamp $900
Wall Lantern $1000
Candle Sconce $900
Black Piano $10000
Black Bench $1000
White Piano $10000
White Bench $1000
Electric Guitar $3000
Acoustic Guitar $3000
Cone $1500
Blockade $2500
Work Lights $3000
Stop Sign $1200
Torii $5000
Blossom Divider $3000
Floral Arrangement $800
Bamboo Plant $2500
Small Cactus $1500
Large Cactus $2500
Palm Tree $4000
Red Tree $14000
Green Tree
Blue Tree
Stump $2000
Red Crystal $3000
Orange Crystal
Yellow Crystal
Green Crystal
Blue Crystal
Purple Crystal
Dumpster $4000
Trash Bin $900
Cannon $5600
Jukebox $3000
Vending Machine $3000
Painting 1 $2000
Painting 2
Painting 3
Painting 4
Painting 5
Painting 6
Painting 7
Red Mat $3000
Red Rug
Yellow Mat
Yellow Rug
Green Mat
Green Rug
Blue Mat
Blue Rug
Purple Mat
Purple Rug
Black Mat
Black Rug
White Mat
White Rug

Event Furniture

Players can purchase special event furniture from Brie occasionally. So far, Brie sold furniture for the duration of 2017 Halloween and Christmas Events.

  • Halloween set was only available during the period of 16th to 31st October, 2017.
  • Christmas and Winter sets were only on sale from 21st December, 2017 to 1st January, 2018.
Coffee Table$2000N/A$1000
Dining TableN/AN/A$3000
End Table$1000$900$1200
Gift 1N/AN/A$700
Gift 2
Gift 3
Gift 4
Potted Plant$1200N/A$900
Strand of Lights 1N/A$1500N/A
Strand of Lights 2
Strand of Lights 3
TV Set$3500N/A$4500
Wall Shelf$1000N/A$900


  • Anthian Furniture was originally named Sixth's Furniture before the Version 0.15 update on 22nd September, 2017. It was renamed to reflect that Developers Brie_Bee and Johnlitt now run the shop along with MySixthSense.
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