Pokémon Brick Bronze is created by a remarkable team of dexterous Developers. It is the combined efforts of all team members that made the great game become reality. Meanwhile, there are also Community Managers and Moderators to moderate the game, as well as the official PBB Roblox Group and PBB Discord server. When these members join the game, most of them are identified with personal icons in place of Gym Badges on the players' list. Here is the list of all of the Developers, Community Managers and official Moderators of PBB, as well as where do they appear in game if they are featured at all:


Lead Developers

These members lead the entire project. They are listed on the intro. Updates are usually announced by either of them.

Member Position Appearance
Tbradm Lead Developer and Main Scripter Cutscene at Port Decca
Lando64000 Game Director and Author of the storyline Healer at Mitis Town

Main Developers

These members have significant contributions to the game. They are also listed on the introduction.

Member Position Appearance
Zombie7737 Map Builders Zombie's Painting & Hardware
Our_Hero Hero's Hoverboards
Shipool Head of Model Development Rorian Braviary
Roball1 Model Makers and Map Builders
Kevincatssing Skitty Lodge, Route 16
MySixthSense Early Development Move Deleter / Anthian Furniture
Srybon Move Reminder
Chrissuper Hyper Trainer
Kyle Allen Music Music Composer None

Other Developers

Other than the Lead and Main Developers listed above, there are a lot of developers working behind the scene as well.

Member Position Appearance
Script_Source (Marolex) Animator
Zoism Artist and Team Eclipse Asset Designer
Fitnyss (AniDave) Early Development
Hoboj03 Scripter, Creator of some hoverboards Hobo's Lucky Lotto
Santis_Verdoem Model and Mesh Maker
Spec7 Model Maker for side projects
Brie_Bee Model Maker for side projects, Co-Builder for Apartments in Anthian City - Housing District Anthian Furniture
Aife Artist (Draws some of the art assets and PVP battle backgrounds) Aife's Shelter
One of the runner-up artworks on display in Pokémon Museum of History
J6V (Ryan) Artists (Create some of the PVP battle backgrounds)
L_ly (Toxinous)
WafflemanXx Map Builder of Secret Grove and Model Maker
PeteyK473 (Jason) Artist of the Roria Town Map and Retexturer
DVDKO Artist and Designer of some personal icons
Andrew Haak Music Composer for Golden Poké Ball Arcade
BobbenKatzen Artist for sprites and Co-Creator of the custom colour Pokémon sprites Bob's Magik Pond
BSlick Music Composer for Path of Truth, Route 16 and Cosmeos Valley
Khonjin Music Composer for Bob's Magik Pond and Port Decca
Johnlitt Creator of some hoverboards, Co-Builder for Apartments in Anthian City - Housing District Anthian Furniture

Community Managers

These members manage the PBB Community. In addition to the possession of Moderator powers, they are responsible for recruiting Moderators and Rank Managers for the PBB Roblox Group as well as Discord server.

Member Position Appearance
Juhjuhjaded Community Manager None
Pullyourtangles Community Manager and Designer of some PC backgrounds Aife's Shelter
One of the runner-up artworks on display in Pokémon Museum of History


These members are official Moderators in PBB. They can enforce the rules in game, on PBB Roblox Group and the Discord server.

Member Position Appearance
Lilly_S Owner of PBB Discord server None
NakyiO_Otaky Owner of the PBB Official Trading Group None
Briest Moderators
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