Fishing Rods are a set of key items which allow players to fish for Pokémon that may not be found by any other way. A total of 3 fishing rods are available in most of the core Pokémon games. As of now, Old and Good Rods are available in Pokémon Brick Bronze.


To use the fishing rods, stand near the water and click on the water surface. A menu will pop up, click on "Old Rod" or "Good Rod" to cast the fishing rod. When an exclamation mark appears above the player's head, it indicates a Pokémon is biting — click immediately to reel in the Pokémon, and a battle will start promptly. If the player reels in too slow after the exclamation mark pops up, the Pokémon will flee. Also, if the player reels in too early, without any Pokémon biting, he or she will have to try again as well.

Occasionally nothing will bite the player's hook, and he or she also needs to retry in this case. Conveniently, having a Pokémon with the Ability Suction Cups or Sticky Hold leading the party can ensure that Pokémon will bite every time. The only exception is the secret pond on Route 8, where there is nothing to fish for.

Chain Fishing

Chain Fishing, or Consecutive Fishing, is a feature implemented in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for trainers to fish repeatedly without moving, so that they can have a higher chance to hook up Shiny Pokémon. This is brought into Pokémon Brick Bronze, but works differently such that when the player reaches certain milestones on Consecutive Fishing, the Shiny Pokémon encounter rate racks up until the player either breaks the chain or reels in a Shiny Pokémon. The Consecutive Fishing-boosted Shiny rate stacks with the corresponding Ro-Power and Game Pass, as follows:

MilestoneShiny Pokémon encounter rate
No boostShiny CharmRo-PowerShiny Charm + Ro-Power

To keep the chain running, the player must not move from the spot via WASD or arrow keys, HM Fly and Surf, or the "Get Unstuck" option. Spinning from casting the fishing rod does not count as moving. If the player reels in too early, too late, or hooks up nothing, the chain also will break, making it vital to lead the player's party with a Pokémon possessing the Ability Suction Cups to guarantee a bite.


IconRodObtaining Location
Old Rod
Old Rod Talk to the fisherman in a house opposite to Route 8 exit at Lagoona Lake.
Good Rod
Good Rod Talk to the fisherman on an island opposite to the Silver Cove entrance on Rosecove Beach. Requires HM3 Surf.


Note: If a Pokémon evolutionary family can be found in multiple locations, only the first accessible location of the Base Form Pokémon will be listed. Some Pokémon can be more easily found with Good Rod and thus are not listed in the table for Old Rod. Rarity levels are estimations according to this scale and might be subject to changes due to different encounter assessment results, unless supported by official encounter rates, which are listed in red under the rarity level if known.

Old Rod

All Pokémon are encountered at Lv. 10.

Magikarp Water
Magikarp-M XY
Mitis Town Common
Tentacool WaterPoison
Tentacool XY
Rosecove Beach Common
Feebas Water
Feebas XY
Fortulose Manor Rare
Basculin Water
Basculin-Red XY


Basculin-Blue XY


Cosmeos Valley Rare
Clamperl Water
Clamperl XY
Crescent Town Very Rare

Good Rod

All Pokémon are encountered at Lv. 20.

Pokémon Type Image Location Rarity
Barboach WaterGround
Barboach XY
Route 2 Common
Shellder Water
Shellder XY
Glistening Grotto Uncommon
Relicanth WaterRock
Relicanth-M XY
Very Rare
Tympole Water
Tympole XY
Route 7 Common
Corphish Water
Corphish XY
Goldeen Water
Goldeen-M XY
Lagoona Lake Common
Finneon Water
Finneon-F XY
Rosecove Beach Uncommon
Dratini Dragon
Dratini XY
Grove of Dreams Very Rare
Chinchou WaterElectric
Chinchou XY
Cragonos Mines Rare
Qwilfish WaterPoison
Qwilfish XY
Route 12 Rare
Spheal IceWater
Spheal XY
Route 15 Common
Seel Water
Seel XY
Bergmite Ice
Bergmite XY
Luvdisc Water
Luvdisc XY
Cosmeos Valley Very Rare
Mareanie WaterPoison
Mareanie SM
Lost Islands Very Rare
School Form
Water Wishiwashi-School SM Lost Islands - Deep Jungle Very Rare
Remoraid Water
Remoraid XY
Decca Beach Very Rare
Buizel Water
Buizel XY
Route 17 Very Rare
Bruxish WaterPsychic
Bruxish SM
Very Rare
Binacle WaterRock
Binacle XY
Crescent Town Uncommon
Frillish WaterGhost
Frillish-M XY
Frillish-F XY
Dhelmise GhostGrass
Dhelmise SM
Very Rare


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