Z-Power is the unique power to boost a move during a battle, first introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It comes in the form of 35 Z-Crystals, each having its corresponding Z-Move, with 6 of which were added in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Similar to Mega Evolution, Z-Power can only be unleashed once per battle. Another similar aspect is that a Pokémon must hold the corresponding crystal to use it, meaning that Mega Evolution and Z-Power cannot be used on the same Pokémon.


Z-Crystals are powerful crystals that allow whatever Pokémon holding them to use Z-Moves. In Pokémon Brick Bronze, Z-Crystals are only found on the Lost Islands (including their associated areas such as Deep Jungle) and are distributed in suitable landscapes. There is a Z-Crystal for every Pokémon type, although some Z-Crystals will only work for certain Pokémon. Most Z-Crystals will work with any Pokémon, as long as the Pokémon has a move with a compatible type to the Z-Crystal. When found, Z-Crystals are stored in the Z-Crystal Pouch in player's bag. Only 6 out of 35 kinds of Z-Crystals could be found in-game. Be warned that Z-Crystals held by Pokémon automatically return to player's bag when traded.

Name Image Compatibility Location
Grassium Z Grassium Z DW.png Grass Lost Islands On high ground accessible by a cave passage near the shipwreck.
Firium Z Firium Z DW.png Fire Inside a volcanic chamber on the centre of the larger island. Requires HM8 Rock Climb.
Waterium Z Waterium Z DW.png Water Inside a cove within the smaller island. Requires HM3 Surf.
Icium Z Icium Z DW.png Ice Lost Islands - Deep Jungle Inside a cavern deep in the jungle. Requires TM79 Frost Breath.
Buginium Z Buginium Z DW.png Bug On high ground accessible by climbing up a few slopes. Requires HM6 Rock Smash and HM8 Rock Climb.
Dragonium Z Dragonium Z DW.png Dragon After stepping on tiles marked with Water, Grass and Fire icons in order, enter the cove by sea and continue surfing till the end. Requires HM3 Surf, HM6 Rock Smash and HM8 Rock Climb.


Z-Moves are attacks that gain unique names and effects after activating Z-Crystals. They can only be used once per battle, and only work if the Pokémon holding it has a move of the corresponding type to the Z-Crystal it is holding.


When used offensively, Z-Power transforms the selected move into an extremely destructive attack which always hits, even if the target uses guarding moves such as Protect or Detect (though the damage will be reduced to 1/4), unless the opponent is in a semi-invulnerable turn during certain moves such as Dig, Bounce, Fly, Dive, or has a decoy set up via Substitute (note that sound-based Z-Moves bypass Substitute), as well as Ability Disguise. The power or category of the Z-Move depends on what sort of attack is being used — generally, a stronger base power means greater power from the Z-Move, and a Physical move results in the Z-Move to cause Physical damage, whereas a Special move deals Special damage. However, secondary effects such as priority, status infliction, recharge and recoil damage will be removed.

Z-Crystal Name Type
Grassium Z.png Grassium Z Bloom Doom Grass
Firium Z.png Firium Z Inferno Overdrive Fire
Waterium Z.png Waterium Z Hydro Vortex Water
Icium Z.png Icium Z Subzero Slammer Ice
Buginium Z.png Buginium Z Savage Spin-Out Bug
Dragonium Z.png Dragonium Z Devastating Drake Dragon

Status Moves

Z-Power can also be used for powering up Status moves to add some extraordinary effects for them, such as resetting all reduced stats, fully healing the user, or raising a certain stat by 1 or 2 stages, in addition to the original effects of the chosen move. Moves that are activated by other moves, like Copycat or Sleep Talk, are converted into the corresponding Z-Moves, although Status moves and attacks activated by Z-Snatch, Z-Instruct and Z-Magic Coat do not transform into their corresponding Z-Move.

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