Bob's Magik Pond is a shop in Cosmeos Valley, operated by Developer BobbenKatzen. It contains a special pond where there are 28 forms of custom colour Magikarp for players to fish. Players need to pay 150 Robux to buy the Magik Pond Pass for entry.

Magikarp Contest

The next day after Port Decca update which opened Bob's Magik Pond, Main Developer Shipool immediately announced a contest for designing Magikarp patterns on 24th June, 2017, which would be held until the first of July. 12 winners were announced on 3rd July, with the awarded entries being planned for the addition of new Magikarp variants here.


Wild Pokémon

Note: All 28 variants of Magikarp are only available via fishing. Official encounter rates are listed in red under the form name if available. All other forms with no official encounter rates are not arranged according to rarity.

Magikarp-OrangeTT XY.png
Orange Two-Tone Magikarp
Magikarp-OrangeOrca XY.png
Orange Orca Magikarp
Magikarp-OrangeDap XY.png
Orange Dapples Magikarp
Magikarp-PinkTT XY.png
Pink Two-Tone Magikarp
Magikarp-PinkOrca XY.png
Pink Orca Magikarp
Magikarp-PinkDap XY.png
Pink Dapples Magikarp
Magikarp-PurpleBub XY.png
Purple Bubbles Magikarp
Magikarp-PurpleDia XY.png
Purple Diamonds Magikarp
Magikarp-PurplePatch XY.png
Purple Patches Magikarp
Magikarp-CalicoOG XY.png
Calico Orange/Gold Magikarp
Magikarp-CalicoOW XY.png
Calico Orange/White Magikarp
Magikarp-CalicoOWB XY.png
Calico Orange/White/Black Magikarp
Magikarp-Monochrome XY.png
Monochrome Magikarp
Magikarp-GrayBub XY.png
Gray Bubbles Magikarp
Magikarp-GrayDia XY.png
Gray Diamonds Magikarp
Magikarp-GrayPatch XY.png
Gray Patches Magikarp
Magikarp-Skeletal XY.png
Skeletal Magikarp
Magikarp-Wasp XY.png
Wasp Magikarp
Magikarp-YinYang XY.png
Yin Yang Magikarp
Magikarp-Manga XY.png
Manga Magikarp
Magikarp-Fuchsia XY.png
Fuchsia Magikarp
Magikarp-Goldeen XY.png
Goldeen Magikarp
Magikarp-Seaking XY.png
Seaking Magikarp
Magikarp-Gyarados XY.png
Gyarados Magikarp
Magikarp-Feebas XY.png
Feebas Magikarp
Magikarp-Relicanth XY.png
Relicanth Magikarp
Magikarp-Rayquaza XY.png
Rayquaza Magikarp
Encounter rate: 1/1011
Magikarp-Rayquaza-Shiny XY.png
Rayquaza Magikarp Shiny
Encounter rate: 1/4141056


Inside the house before entering the pond, Fisherman Dwayne will challenge the player upon talking to. He has a full party of different custom patterned Magikarp and Gyarados, although the patterns are not shown in the table below.

Image Pokémon Type Level Ability Item EXP EV Yield
Trainer: Fisherman Dwayne Full Battle!Full Battle!Full Battle!Full Battle!Full Battle!Full Battle! Reward: $2080
Magikarp-M XY.gif
Magikarp ×3 Water Lv. 60 Swift Swim None 514 ×3 1 Speed each
Attacks: Splash, Tackle, Flail
Gyarados-M XY.gif
Gyarados ×3 Water
Lv. 65 Intimidate None 2632 ×3 2 Atk
Attacks: Dragon Dance, Hurricane, Rain Dance, Hyper Beam
There was no change to the above matches between any of the updates. All information above only applies to the Normal Adventure Mode.
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