Cosmeos Observatory is a space observatory located on a small hill in Cosmeos Valley near the Port Decca entrance. It is recognized by the giant telescope and white spherical exterior. In order to enter the observatory, the player must climb a set of winding stairs.


Cosmeos Observatory Exterior

The white spherical exterior of Cosmeos Observatory.

Cosmeos Valley is frequently affected by meteor showers overnight, with several large meteorites crashing into the valley. The abundance of astral anomalies eventually led to astrologists forming the Cosmeos Observatory. It is built on high ground to have a better view of the sky and the whole valley as well.

The employees are all professionals in astronomy and are constantly asked by other naïve residents if there are aliens from outer space. One of the employees mentions a hypothesis of some Pokémon being suspected to arrive from space. Regarding the big meteorites that have crashed into Cosmeos Valley, they have found mysterious energy readings and have sent a handful of specialists to further inspect them.


  • Cosmeos Observatory is a reference to the Mossdeep Space Centre in Hoenn and the Hokulani Observatory in Alola. However, there are no events related to the Observatory as of yet.
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