Cragonos Sanctuary is a compact area located on the highest point of Cragonos Peak, requiring HM8 Rock Climb to access. It is a sanctuary where the Legendary Beasts reside. Much like Nature's Den and Titans' Throng, there are no Wild Pokémon to encounter here.

Notable Event

Encountering the Legendary Beasts

A character in front of the Entei statue on Cragonos Peak mentions that, if something disastrous to Roria is about to happen, Entei along with the other two Legendary Beasts would rush down the mountainside. As the player walks into the deeper section of this area, the three Legendary Beasts — Raikou, Entei, and Suicune can be seen. Once the player approaches them, a cutscene showing the trio suddenly roaring and bolting off the sanctuary will occur. Afterwards, a message will appear, indicating that Raikou, Entei and Suicune can be found roaming in the wild.


State Item Obtaining Location
Gold Item Ball
TM Ice
TM101 Ice
Aurora Veil
At the centre of the sanctuary.
There was no change to the above items between any of the updates.


  • The Legendary Beasts fleeing from the sanctuary was a reference to when the Beasts were revived by Ho-Oh in the Burned Tower, Johto after dying. After the resurrection, however, they all fled upon the player's arrival.
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