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Decca Travel Agency is a major shop in Port Decca town centre. Despite the lacklustre appearance, this is actually the most important shop in the entire town, because it is where citizens go to buy tickets for riding the cruise ship Double Decca to several outlying islands.


The tickets available in Decca Travel Agency are sold for either in-game cash or a specific item. All tickets are unlimited-use once bought.


A lady behind the counter appears to be the main staff of this travel agency. For now she only sells the Tropics Ticket, but with the amount of outlying islands to access, it is expected that more choices will be added later on.

Icon Ticket Location Price
Tropics Ticket.png Tropics Ticket Lost Islands $1000


Another sailor inside, who had joined the Agency from Version 0.14.4 update on 9th September, 2017 onwards, trades 3 special tickets for Deep Sea Scales instead of money. When the player offers him a Deep Sea Scale, which can be rarely found on Wild Chinchou (via fishing in Cragonos Mines) or Blue-Striped Basculin (via fishing in Cosmeos Valley), he lets the player pick one of the 3 tickets, and this process repeats until all 3 of his tickets are obtained.

Icon Ticket Location Price
Outlying Islands Ticket.png Voltaic Ticket Voltridia Island Deep Sea Scale.png
Deep Sea Scales
Outlying Islands Ticket.png Frigid Ticket Frigidia Island
Outlying Islands Ticket.png Obsidian Ticket Obsidia Island


Double Decca docked at the pier. The one in black clothes is Salty Sam.

Double Decca is Decca Travel Agency's luxury cruise ship, where players can use to access various islands and other areas. Salty Sam is the helmsman of this cruise ship. Talk to him and show him a ticket bought from the Agency to board the ship to the ticket's listed destination.


  • Double Decca is mostly likely a pun of "double-decker", as the cruise ship is seen to have two decks.