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Frostveil Catacombs is a secret cave hidden beneath Frostveil City. It is accessible by scaling down the broken wall to the left of Frostveil Gym via HM8 Rock Climb. Frostveil Catacombs offer several puzzles which, once complete, will allow access to the Calcite, Martensite and Dendrite Chambers, where the player can encounter the Legendary Titans.


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First Puzzle

The first puzzle is a wall with writings on it in a rectangular hall. The wall is written in Braille — a form of written language for the visually impaired to feel and understand. Decoded, it will state: "First Girafarig, last Dunsparce." This means that Girafarig has to be first and Dunsparce has to be last in the player's party. Girafarig is found on Route 5, while Dunsparce can be encountered at Old Aredia. Once they are in their correct party slots, clicking on the wall will cause it to open, completing the first puzzle.

Second Puzzle

Color Puzzle

The Colour Puzzle.

The second puzzle is a significantly bigger room, with another wall at the end, and there are four colours that connect to the wall. In order to complete this puzzle, the player has to press the buttons for each colour in a certain order: Red, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Green.

The wall will then proceed to open. After it opens, HM6 Rock Smash is required to shatter a cave door, completing the second puzzle. The colour order of the puzzle is the same colour pattern as the 7 glass jars in a cabin with a red roof on Route 15 when viewed from left to right.

RobloxScreenShot04152017 140519-343

The 7 jars in the house with the red roof on Rt. 15.

Third Puzzle

  • The final puzzle.
  • A little closer.

The third puzzle is a big open area, with a rectangular tile game in the middle of it. In order to complete this puzzle, the player has to move the coloured dots into their corresponding colour on the floor and try to make room for others to get to their own. This is the most challenging out of the previous puzzles. Refer to the photos for the solution of this puzzle.

After completing the final puzzle, the area will start violently shaking, and then it will state that some chambers have opened somewhere far away. From this point onwards, the 3 Chambers are accessible, and once the player has caught the 3 Legendary Titans, head to Route 14 with all of them in his or her party to open Titans' Throng for a final encounter with the last Legendary Titan...


  • The final puzzle is very similar to the popular mobile game "Flow Free", except that players have to connect matching colours instead of connecting to colours on the ground.
  • The coloured jars are a reference to Lando's Haunted Mansion. The jars are in the dining room and players must remember the order of them to get in a secret lab.
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