Golden Poké Ball is a luxurious condominium located in the Anthian City - Housing District, in front of the Pokémon Museum of History. The building is the tallest structure in all of Anthian City. It is also a hotel which is very popular among tourists, thus the marked prices of the rooms are the highest in the district. In addition to its luxury, it contains a unique arcade. There 3 unique layouts that can be bought by the player, which are Symmetry, Fabulous and Elegance.


Golden Poké Ball Arcade

Arcade on G/F of Golden Poké Ball.

Main article: Golden Poké Ball Arcade

To the right of the hotel's huge elevator lobby, there was the Golden Poké Ball Casino referencing Game Corners in early core series games, but it was forcibly shut down. Eventually it has been replaced by an arcade, which opened on 12th May, 2017 with many minigames for players to enjoy, as well as a Tix Shop for exchanging prizes.


3 different layouts are available to purchase in the Golden Poké Ball, as listed below in ascending order of selling price. As with other apartments, all rooms come in "bare shells" such that players can buy whatever furniture they like and decorate the room by themselves.


Symmetry Layout

Rooms with Symmetry style are symmetric as its name implies.

Symmetry theme is a symmetric layout, hence its name. It features two staircases, two rooms in each corner with two entrances, and a room with an open area on the lower level. It is the cheapest layout in the Golden Poké Ball, costing 250000 dollars.


Fabulous Layout

The Fabulous layout with its signature "bridge".

The Fabulous style contains three rooms with only one entrance, a window on each floor, and a surplus of open space. A step up from Symmetry, Fabulous is the second most expensive layout in the building and all apartment rooms, with a marked price of 500000 dollars.


Elegance furnished

The extravagant Elegance layout with furniture.

The most expensive layout in the building and, in extension, all of the apartment layouts available from all 3 tiers — Elegance provides a view of the balcony, lots of open space, two open rooms, and a long staircase. This layout is perfect for players who want an open space to furniture or for players who like gazing outside. Elegance rooms come at the hefty price of 750000 dollars.


  • Before the Version 0.15 update from 22nd September, 2017, all of the rooms along with their reservations were all unavailable due to them being occupied and out of stock respectively.
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