Hobo's Lucky Lotto is one of the developers' shops in Anthian City - Shopping District, opened by developer Hoboj03 on 19th April, 2017. Players can buy Lotto Tickets where they can earn random rewards based on how many numbers they can match on their ticket.


In the shop, players can draw a single free Lotto Ticket from Hoboj03 daily, receiving rewards depending on the lottery result. Players must save before the ticket will be drawn, in order to prevent players from rejoining for avoiding unsatisfactory results.

The lottery system is nearly identical to the Pokémon Lottery Corner in the core series games. The drawn Lotto Ticket contains a random number with 5 digits, then the lotto system searches all Trainer IDs of the Pokémon in the player's party and PC, but unlike in the main series, Pokémon deposited in Lagoona Day Care will also have their Trainer IDs scanned. The numbers match with the rightmost number of a Trainer ID and then move to the left, automatically picking the one with the closest match. Only the last 5 digits of the Trainer IDs are scanned. For example, if the Lotto Ticket is 12345, a Pokémon with Trainer ID of ***12345 in the player's possession will grant the jackpot, ****2345 gets the runner-up reward, while **123450 means a total loss.

Once the process is finished, Hoboj03 will reward the player an item or a certain amount of money based on how many numbers the best-match Trainer ID has matched. Prizes that have 2 items in the same level, like Latiasite and Latiosite, will be randomized. If the player is not satisfied with the prize redeemed, he or she can purchase 3 more Lotto Tickets per day. Each additional Lotto Ticket costs 15 Robux and requires the player to save like the initial free ticket as well.

To have a higher chance of winning prizes, players are recommended to trade in a lot of Outsider Pokémon from many different Trainers, because if players possess a diverse list of Trainer IDs, it means a higher chance of Trainer IDs matching with a lotto ticket.


The rewards cycle every 3 days. If there are 2 prizes in the same reward level, specifically the runner-up prizes Latiosite and Latiasite, as well as the 2 Mewtwonites for the jackpot in Day 3, the player does not get both items at the same time — which one the player acquires is essentially a coin flip (50/50).

Day 1Day 2Day 3
1Moomoo MilkMoomoo Milk$5000UMV BatteryUMV Battery
2Rare CandyRare Candy$15000SteelixiteSteelixite
3PP UpPP Up$30000DianciteDiancite
4PP MaxPP Max$75000LatiasiteLatiasite
5Silver Bottle CapSilver
Bottle Cap
$500000Mewtwonite XMewtwonite X
Mewtwonite YMewtwonite Y


  • The vendor and the shop itself is based on Hoboj03 — a developer in Pokémon Brick Bronze who wears a watermelon outfit. He is also the designer of the Watermelon Hoverboard.
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