Lagoona Day Care is a facility located on the shore of Lagoona Lake for depositing Pokémon to level them up and, if compatible, breed them for offspring Eggs. Some base form Pokémon, including many Baby Pokémon, can only be obtained via breeding evolved form Pokémon here.

Raising Pokémon

Day Care Woman and Egg Girl

The Day Care Woman behind the counter takes care of player's deposited Pokémon. A girl next to the PC offers the player either a White Egg or a Black Egg.

Lagoona Day Care works like many other Pokémon Day Care houses in core series games. It is run by an elderly Day Care couple. Trainers can drop off at most 2 Pokémon at a time to the Day Care Woman inside to level them up while they continue travelling. Each step taken after dropping off their Pokémon turns into 1 EXP Point for deposited Pokémon. Pokémon Eggs cannot be dropped off.

Trainers can retrieve their Pokémon whenever they want to, as long as they have open slots in their party, a sufficient amount of money to pay the cost, and no Pokémon Eggs ready to be received from the Day Care Man. For picking up each Pokémon, Day Care Woman charges 100 dollars, and for each level increase, she charges another 100 dollars from players. The total cost is as shown in this formula: 100 × ( 1 + [levels gained] ) dollars.

Pokémon left in the Day Care do not evolve, even if they meet the condition for evolution. They also learn new moves automatically, such that when they already have 4 moves and are about to learn a new attack, the move in the first slot is deleted, then the new attack goes to the last slot. This can result in Pokémon losing important attacks, but from Version 0.14.3 on 22nd July, 2017 onwards, a function unique to Lagoona Day Care from any other Day Care houses have been added to rectify this. Whenever players retrieve their Pokémon which already possess 4 attacks and are supposed to have new moves acquired, Day Care Woman will ask if they want their Pokémon to learn new attacks or keep old moves.

Breeding Pokémon

Also identical to other Day Care houses, Pokémon breeding can occur when 2 compatible Pokémon are dropped off in Lagoona Day Care, producing offspring Eggs for players to hatch. To enable breeding, Pokémon left must be of different genders and in the same Egg Group, unless one of them is Ditto. Baby Pokémon or those in Undiscovered Egg Group, as well as Legendary and Mythical Pokémon cannot breed, except Manaphy and Phione who produce Phione offspring when bred with Ditto. It is also worth noting that Ditto cannot breed with its own species.

Some Baby Pokémon can only be obtained by having one of its parents hold the corresponding Incense when dropped off at the Day Care. This process is known as Incense Breeding. If the corresponding Incense is not held when deposited, offspring Pokémon will be the Baby Pokémon's evolved form instead. All Incenses can be purchased in BP Shop, Colosseum Marketplace for 48 BP, with the exception of Luck Incense, which costs 200 BP.

Breeding Rate

The chance of any 2 Pokémon producing an Egg is determined by their gender, species, Egg Groups and their Original Trainers. 2 Pokémon in the same evolutionary family are not considered as the same species. For example, 2 Eevee or 2 of the same final form of it count as the same species, but 2 different final forms of Eevee, or an Eevee with one of its evolved forms, do not count. Male and Genderless Pokémon can only produce offspring of their own via Ditto.

Players are once again warned that Legendary Pokémon cannot breed, while the only Mythical Pokémon capable of breeding are "Sea Guardians" Manaphy and Phione — when bred with Ditto, they produce Phione offsprings. Pokémon in Undiscovered Egg Group, which includes Baby Pokémon, are also incapable of breeding unless, in Baby Pokémon's case, they evolve first before being dropped off. Moreover, while Ditto can breed with almost any other Pokémon, Ditto cannot breed with its own species. Battle Bond Greninja purchased in Anthian City - Shopping District, Red or Purple Heart Pikachu from 2017 Valentine's Event, and all 3 variants of Christmas Sceptile from the 2018 Christmas Event are disabled from breeding as well.

For players who have bought the game pass for Oval Charm, compatible Pokémon dropped off have a higher chance than normal to produce Pokémon Eggs. The Day Care Man will describe the compatibility of 2 deposited Pokémon when players talk to him. The percentage is based on each 256 steps, as follows:

SpeciesOriginal TrainerChanceQuote
Same Different 70% "The two seem to get along very well!"
Same Same 50% "The two seem to get along."
Different Different
Different Same 20% "The two don't really seem to like each other very much."
Different Egg Groups 0% "The two prefer to play with other Pokémon more than with each other."
Same Gender
Undiscovered Egg Group

Getting Eggs

Day Care Man Faces Town

Day Care Man turns to face the town when he finds an Egg from the player's deposited Pokémon.

Day Care Man is also responsible for notifying players if an Egg is available. Normally he faces the garden in Day Care house, but if an Egg is produced, the Day Care Man will spin to face the town, so that players can know he has an Egg. Whenever Day Care Man has an Egg, Day Care Woman does not allow players to retrieve their Pokémon; instead, she instructs them to find Day Care Man outside the house first.

The Day Care Man will hand the Egg to Trainers if they reply that they want it and have an empty slot in their party. If players tell the Day Care Man they do not want the Egg, he will permanently keep it. If players answer they want the Egg, but do not have a spare slot, the Day Care Man will keep it until they return with an open slot in their team when he will offer it again.

The Egg Watch

All Pokémon Eggs in Pokémon Brick Bronze are designed to resemble the offspring Pokémon they will hatch into. In the Pokémon Egg profile, there are 2 statements indicating how soon the egg will hatch, known as "The Egg Watch". The sentences change according to the Egg's status. Other than the descriptions for Fossilized Eggs which are unique to Pokémon Brick Bronze, all other quotes are modified from those in core series games.

DescriptionStatement Status
"A fossilized Pokémon Egg." "It's rock-hard. It doesn't seem to be alive, but you never know..." Requires revival in Lagoona Lake Lab. Only seen in Fossilized Eggs.
"A mysterious Pokémon Egg." "What will hatch from this? It will take some time." All eggs begin with this quote when received or revived. Run or hover around to hatch.
"It moves around occasionally. It must be close to hatching." The egg is shown "jumping" in its profile, which means it will hatch soon. Continue running or hovering.
"It's making sounds. It's about to hatch!" The egg "jumps" then "shakes" in its summary screen, indicating that it is going to hatch very shortly.

To hatch an Egg, run or hop on a hoverboard and move around constantly. Players can bring a Pokémon with Ability Flame Body or Magma Armour to cut the hatching time by half, but these Abilities do not stack, so bringing 1 Pokémon with either of the Abilities is enough. Players can also purchase "Hatch Eggs Faster" Ro-Power and Oval Charm game pass to speed up the process of hatching eggs.

Passing Abilities

From Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 onwards, the mother has 80% chance of passing down its Ability slot to the offspring, regardless of it being Hidden Ability or not, and this feature is expanded to any non-Ditto parent when bred with Ditto since Pokémon X and Y. This is carried onto Pokémon Brick Bronze for regular Abilities.

Regarding Hidden Abilities, however, the inheritance is disabled to preserve the rarity of Hidden Ability Pokémon. The 20% chance of father passing its Hidden Ability to offspring starting from Pokémon X and Y is also not implemented. Instead, all bred Pokémon have a 1/512 chance to be born with Hidden Ability, and this is doubled to 1/256 with the Ability Charm game pass.

Special Pokémon


A girl inside the Day Care house claims that her Pokémon produced 2 Eggs and she cannot take care of both at the same time. She offers players either a white egg or a black egg. The white egg will hatch into Zangoose, while the black egg will become Seviper.

Warning: The player can only choose one of the eggs.

White Egg Zangoose Normal
Zangoose XY
Black Egg Seviper Poison
Seviper XY

Baby Pokémon

The following Pokémon are only obtainable by breeding their evolved or final forms with compatible Pokémon here. In addition to Baby Pokémon requiring Incenses, some base form Pokémon are also not found normally in the wild.

Offspring Possible Parent Item
Pichu Menu SpritePikachu Menu SpriteRaichu-Kanto Menu SpriteRaichu-Alola Menu SpriteLight Ball
Azurill Menu SpriteMarill Menu SpriteorAzumarill Menu SpriteSea Incense
Budew Menu SpriteRoselia Menu SpriteorRoserade Menu SpriteRose Incense
Scatterbug Menu SpriteSpewpa Menu SpriteorVivillon-Meadow Menu Sprite
Flabébé-Red Menu SpriteFloette-Red Menu SpriteorFlorges-Red Menu Sprite
Chingling Menu SpriteChimecho Menu SpritePure Incense
Happiny Menu SpriteChansey Menu SpriteorBlissey Menu SpriteLuck Incense
Sandshrew-Kanto Menu SpriteSandslash-Kanto Menu SpriteEverstone
Munchlax Menu SpriteSnorlax Menu SpriteFull Incense
Solosis Menu SpriteDuosion Menu SpriteorReuniclus Menu Sprite
Cleffa Menu SpriteClefairy Menu SpriteorClefable Menu Sprite
Mime Jr. Menu SpriteMr. Mime Menu SpriteOdd Incense
Whismur Menu SpriteLoudred Menu SpriteorExploud Menu Sprite
Smoochum Menu SpriteJynx Menu Sprite
Igglybuff Menu SpriteJigglypuff Menu SpriteorWigglytuff Menu Sprite
Taillow Menu SpriteSwellow Menu Sprite
Seedot Menu SpriteNuzleaf Menu SpriteorShiftry Menu Sprite
Slakoth Menu SpriteVigoroth Menu SpriteorSlaking Menu Sprite
Mantyke Menu SpriteMantine Menu SpriteWave Incense
Gulpin Menu SpriteSwalot Menu Sprite
Wynaut Menu SpriteWobbuffet Menu SpriteLax Incense


Eggy Proof

Shellos eggs resembling the East Sea form.

  • In most of the cases, Offspring Pokémon are supposed to retain the form differences from their mother when bred and hatched, but bred Flabébé from Lagoona Day Care is possible to hold a flower with a different colour from the one its mother holds, while bred Pumpkaboo may have different size comparing to its parent, in contrast to core series games.
    • A special case is that Shellos Eggs resemble East Sea form even if the parent Shellos or Gastrodon is in West Sea Form. The Eggs hatch normally into West Sea Shellos though.
  • The function of allowing players to choose whether deposited Pokémon should gain new moves or keep their old moveset apparently draws inspiration from Pokémon Nursery in Alola, where Pokémon staying behind do not level up and thus not acquiring new attacks.
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