Ocean's Origin is a cave located on Route 17, and is thought to be the dwelling of a great beast, which flooded the former settlements on the route upon being angered. The cave seems to have a blue glow in its atmosphere.


After entering the cave, the player must go through a small tunnel with one pillar of rock sideways. Heading further inside, the player will discover a pool of water with a blue pedestal in front of it,which has strange but familiar markings on it. Turning left from the tunnel, there is an opening in a wall of rock, where ducking behind it reveals TM70 Flash.

Notable Place


At the end of this cave, in front of a large pool of water, there is a blue pedestal. A closer look shows some ancient markings resembling a certain Legendary Pokémon and the same markings are found under the pedestal on the ground. It also seems placing something on the pedestal is the key for awakening the rumoured great beast... but what could it be?


State Item Obtaining Location
Gold Item Ball
TM Normal
TM70 Normal
Behind a rock wall left of the entrance.
There was no change to the above items between any of the updates.
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