Providing a much greater variety than Poké Marts, Poké Ball Emporium is the place to buy special Poké Balls. Rival Tess leads Jake and the player here once arriving in Anthian City - Shopping District. She also talks to Uncle Gerald — a friend of Tess' father, to find more information on the villainous Team Eclipse.

There is a locked door under this shop. Once the player obtains Soaring Badge from Anthian Gym, Uncle Gerald gives the player the Basement Key to unlock it, allowing access to Anthian Sewer.

Basic Poké Balls

The basic variants of Poké Balls here can be purchased from the Poké Mart in any Pokémon Centre. The price remains the same as well. The Premier Ball bonus works here as well for all kinds of Poké Ball purchases, including the special and custom Poké Balls, so it is recommended to purchase each kind of Poké Balls in separate transactions of 10 to take advantage of it. Note that Master Ball can only be bought one by one for now, and costs 50 Robux each rather than in-game money.

Icon Item Catch Rate Price
Poké Ball
Poké Ball ×1 $200
Great Ball
Great Ball ×1.5 $600
Ultra Ball
Ultra Ball ×2 $1200
Premier Ball
Premier Ball ×1 Awarded for buying 10 or more Poké Balls of any kind in 1 purchase.
Master Ball
Master Ball Sure Catch 50 Robux

Special Poké Balls

Here are the special Poké Balls available in real games which have much more unique effects than the regular Poké Balls above. Their prices are on par with how much they cost in core series games. Currently the Johto Apricorn Balls, as well as Repeat, Timer, Nest, Dive and Heal Balls are not available.

IconItemSpecial Effect Price
Net Ball
Net Ball Catch rate ×3 for Water-type or Bug-type Pokémon. $1000
Luxury Ball
Luxury Ball Adds 1 extra point of happiness gained per each increase.
Quick Ball
Quick Ball Catch rate ×5 only on the 1st turn.
Dusk Ball
Dusk Ball Catch rate ×3.5 if used overnight or inside a cave.

Elemental Poké Balls

These are custom-made Poké Balls exclusive to Pokémon Brick Bronze. They have increased effectiveness in catching Pokémon with the same type they are associated with, boosting the catch rate by 3.5 times. Every day, 2 to 3 different Elemental Balls will be available for purchase, denoted by the yellow rows. All of their selling prices are 2000 dollars each.

DayIcon ItemCorresponding TypeCatch rate Price
Toxic Ball
Toxic Ball Poison ×3.5 for Pokémon of
corresponding type
Insect Ball
Insect Ball Bug
Icicle Ball
Icicle Ball Ice
Sky Ball
Sky Ball Flying
Zap Ball
Zap Ball Electric
Fist Ball
Fist Ball Fighting
Flame Ball
Flame Ball Fire
Draco Ball
Draco Ball Dragon
Spooky Ball
Spooky Ball Ghost
Pixie Ball
Pixie Ball Fairy
Earth Ball
Earth Ball Ground
Stone Ball
Stone Ball Rock
Dread Ball
Dread Ball Dark
Colourless Ball
Colourless Ball Normal
Splash Ball
Splash Ball Water
Mind Ball
Mind Ball Psychic
Meadow Ball
Meadow Ball Grass
Steel Ball
Steel Ball Steel

Event Poké Balls

These Poké Balls can only be bought during certain events.

IconItemSpecial EffectEventStatus Price
Pumpkin Ball
Pumpkin Ball None. 2016 Halloween Event
Ended $2500
Frosty Ball
Frosty Ball None. 2017 Christmas Event
(2/12/2017 - 1/1/2018)
Ended $2500


  • This is the first and only place in the Pokémon World to sell Master Balls, although they are not sold for the in-game currency, but instead are sold for Robux.
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