Pokémon Brick Bronze Wiki
Pokémon Brick Bronze Wiki

These are the guidelines for the Pokémon Brick Bronze Wiki. As the game no longer exists, the Wiki mainly exists as an archive. The old developers of Pokémon Brick Bronze are now working on Loomian Legacy, which has a Wiki you can properly communicate on.

General Guidelines

  • Treat other users with respect.
  • Do not play copies of Pokémon Brick Bronze.
    • The developers have stated that it is disrespectful to Nintendo and them to continue playing fake games.
    • Playing these games for entertainment will subject you to a warn or a block. Promoting the games will lead to an instant permanent block.
    • If you come across a copy or someone playing a copy, please report to a staff member.

Editing Guidelines

  • Do not vandalize pages.
  • Do not replace existing information with any changes made in copies of Pokémon Brick Bronze.
    • Most correct edits will likely be spelling or grammar changes, not gameplay changes.
  • Do not farm edits by making small changes over and over again on the same page.

Discussions Guidelines

  • Do not cause disruption via harassment, spamming, or NSFW content. Respect one another.


  • Punishments will be significantly more severe, as there is no legitimate community left. There is little to discuss.
    • Discussions disruptions that would usually warrant a warning can now result in something as severe as a permanent block. This is because there is no reason to come back and continue discussing.
    • Vandalism can also result in a permanent block.
    • As mentioned before, playing or promoting copies of the game can result in severe blocks.
  • Block appeals can be made to staff members via Community Central or Discord, but they will rarely be accepted due to the nature of this Wiki.