Almost all locations in Roria provide Wild Pokémon to encounter. Pokémon Brick Bronze Wikia has a Rarity Scale set up to classify Pokémon into different rarity levels.

Scale and Sample Size

For at least each 200 encounters, assign the rarity level of a Pokémon as follows:

EncountersPercentage Rarity Level
Out of 200Out of 500Out of 1000
More than 80 timesMore than 200 timesMore than 400 times>40%Common
41-80 times101-200 times201-400 times21-40%Uncommon
11-40 times26-100 times51-200 times6-20%Rare
10 times or fewer25 times or fewer50 times or fewer≤5%Very Rare

You are also allowed to increase the sample size to 500 or even 1000 encounters if you have the time to do so. Multiply the scale proportionally such that test results follow the percentage, as shown above. Any rarity levels out of the above 4, like "Super Rare" or "Ultra Rare", are not allowed.

However, there is a standalone article listing out all Roaming Pokémon, so please exclude Roaming and Event Pokémon from the encounter rate assessments and Wild Encounter templates in location pages.

Special Encounters

For special encounters which only provide one chance for battle, such as Mythical Pokémon Jirachi, they are automatically labelled as One Only via the Set Encounter templates.

Another kind of special encounters are only available once per week. Replace the rarity level with corresponding day of the week such as "Friday", so that the template will automatically show "Every Friday".

Some Pokémon only appear during the day or at night, please attach "|Day/Night=Day" or "|Day/Night=Night" respectively.

Official Encounter Rates

There are also a few Pokémon which have their exact encounter rates confirmed by the main developers. The exact encounter rates are listed in red directly below the rarity level, via the code "|Rate=(Encounter rate)". Please do not change them unless the developers announced that those encounter rates have been modified.

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