RTD Menu

The opened RTD menu.

The Recreational Teleportation Device (RTD) is a device obtained from Rival Jake after defeating Gym Leader Chad in Silvent Gym. With it, the player can teleport to the Trade Resort and the Battle Colosseum, as well as teleport back to Adventure Mode and search up other people currently playing the game.



The closed RTD tab.

Once the RTD is acquired, a green button with "RTD" labelled on it will appear right below the menu button on the left. Click on it to open a list of Battle Colosseum, Trade Resort and Player Search. If the player is currently at Battle Colosseum or Trade Resort, the respective location button will be changed into "Adventure Mode" instead.

The game will prompt player to save the game before teleporting to the destined area. However, RTD requires a good signal to work — if the signal is poor, the RTD malfunctions and the player cannot teleport. Cities and towns are guaranteed to have a good signal with the exception of Rosecove Beach, possibly to prevent spawn cheating on the Manaphy Event, as well as Crescent Town which is an offshore hideout for pirates and criminals.


Battle Colosseum

This button teleports the player to the Battle Colosseum, where players can battle each other to earn Battle Points (BP). Colosseum Marketplace is also accessible there for players to purchase items at the BP Shop, to relearn or forget moves for their Pokémon, and to have Hyper Training sessions with their rosters.

Trade Resort

This button teleports the player to Trade Resort, where the player can trade Pokémon, Pokémon Eggs, and items with other players. Trading is required for some certain Pokémon to evolve, such as Haunter.

Adventure Mode

This button teleports the player back to Adventure Mode when the player is in either Battle Colosseum or Trade Resort. Adventure Mode is the default game mode, where the player catches Pokémon and proceeds in the storyline.

Player Search


Player Search

This button allows the player to search for others in Pokémon Brick Bronze and join their server unless their server is currently full. All of the player's online friends will automatically be listed here, but he or she can also search for other players by typing in their name. It also lists their current location. In settings, the player has the choice to set their follow privileges to anyone, no one or friends only.

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