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This article contains major spoilers!

"But if we run into any Zubats or Woobats or any other oo-bats, I don't know what I'll do."
—Rival Tess, Route 10

Rival Tess is the second in-game friendly rival in Pokémon Brick Bronze. She has lived on Rosecove Beach before joining the player and Rival Jake on a Pokémon journey. She is a Dragon-type Pokémon specialist.


Joining the Group

When Tess was small, her parents had vanished on an adventure, unable to see her grow up. She has lived with her grandfather in the lighthouse on Rosecove Beach since her parents' disappearance, guarding the Blue Orb in the process. 10 years later, Team Eclipse attacks her home for the Blue Orb. Tess is locked inside her house by her grandfather in order to protect her, while the Blue Orb is robbed from her grandfather's hands shortly before the player arrives at their rescue. She comes out after everything is over and tells her grandfather that she could have taken care of the Eclipse goons if he had let her fight. Eventually, her grandfather changes his mind and lets her start adventuring along with the player and Rival Jake.

After the player acquires the Float Badge, Tess proceeds on Route 9 and asks Jake to battle the player in front of her, adding that she will fight the winner. She reveals her favourite type to be Dragon. She notices that Jake battles as if everything were on the line, contrary to how Jake claims to be "going too easy". Later on, the player encounters an Absol on Route 10, but is scared off when Tess arrives with Jake. In the conversation, she states that she is afraid of bats, proven by how quick she gets through Mt. Cragonos with Jake — by the time player reaches Cragonos Cliffs, they are already on Cragonos Peak and waiting for the player to catch up near the platform to board the airship.

Anthian Crisis

Arriving in Anthian City, she leads Jake and the player to Poké Ball Emporium in the Shopping District, where she meets up with Uncle Gerald for the first time in 10 years and asks him for more information on Team Eclipse. She waits in Poké Ball Emporium along with Jake while the player heads for Anthian Gym in the Battle District. Right after the player acquires Soaring Badge, Team Eclipse raids Anthian City, and Tess is unable to stop Jake from rushing in alone. She is extremely worried and decides to team up with the player to sneak through Anthian Sewer.

In Anthian Park, she and the player are confronted by the Eclipse Admins, and ultimately, the Eclipse Boss himself. They are outnumbered by Team Eclipse and cannot rescue Jake, but Tess lets out her rage and yells at the Boss, calling him a terrorist and forcing him to battle the player. The Absol encountered earlier rushes in to help, and Tess immediately noticed the Absolite it is holding. She then gives the player her Key Stone, which was given by her parents before they have gone missing. She then witnessed how the Legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia stabilized the city after its power core gets blasted, and she is sent back in time along with the player.

Facing Betrayal

When the crisis in Anthian City was over, she stayed behind in the Poké Ball Emporium with Uncle Gerald, until the point where the player clears Fluoruma Gym. By then, Tess and Gerald had confirmed that the Eclipse HQ was indeed on Crescent Island as they expected, and they immediately set off in hopes of catching up to the player as soon as possible. Once they found the player in Fluoruma City and updated him or her on the newest situation, Tess proceeds to Route 14 for a head start while Gerald returns to Anthian City.

At the end of Route 14, Tess is found surrounded by a few Eclipse Members trying to recruit her, but she refuses to join. When the player arrives on the scene, she has him or her battle the 2 Grunts. After they are defeated, the masked Admin starts talking about reuniting with Tess and the player, revealing himself to be...!

Another Battle

Tess once again goes ahead and waits for the player in Frostveil City. Once the player acquires Contrast Badge, she demands another battle, revealing that she has added 2 new Pokémon to her roster, and her Pokémon are significantly stronger, as well as fully evolved. After the battle, she proceeds down to Port Decca, where she bumps into another Trainer named Brad, revealing player's situation to him.

After the player went to Decca Beach, Tess will tell the player that she has found a fisherman riding boat to Crescent Island and fishing Crescent Karps for the elderly couple to sell in the Fish Market. She leads the player to that fisherman, where he first tries to dissuade the player and Tess to go to Crescent Island, deeming it is a dangerous place to go to, especially for young trainers. However, after Tess successfully convinces him, he and Tess head to the Crescent Island by boat, while Tess tells the player that he or she should go there by using Pokémon that can learn Surf via the HM which Brad gave the player earlier.

Dealing with Eclipse

When the player arrives at Crescent Town, the fisherman reveals that Tess had already run after an Eclipse Grunt. But when the player starts infiltrating the Eclipse Base, she has already been captured! Tess ends up being held hostage and taken onto the Eclipse Airship to Aborille Outpost, but not before giving a few words of encouragement. After the battle with Cypress in Demon's Tomb, Tess refuses to leave Jake's side despite Jake's warnings. Tess is nearly knocked into Hoopa's portal by a box, but Jake pushes her out of the way and falls through instead......

As revealed in Worlds Apart -- trailer for the sequel game, an unknown time after that, Tess began travelling across Roblox in an attempt to find Jake's whereabouts......


Tess is described by her grandfather to be reckless. She is brave enough to try facing off the Eclipse Admin, only to be forced back into her house by her grandfather. Later on, she shows her boldness by demanding the player and Jake to battle each other and challenging the victor out of the two. She also reveals her fear of bats, seemingly resulting in how fast she and Jake travel through Mt. Cragonos.


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Rosecove Beach

"Grandpa, please let me fight these men. My Pokémon are strong enough! I can do this!"

"You don't need to talk to me like I'm a child Grandpa, let alone treat me like one. I could have taken care of those men a long time ago if you would've just let me battle them.

"Well, if you would just let me go have my own adventures, I wouldn't be so reckless."

"Wait, really?"

"Grandpa, thank you so much! I will come back when I've seen the world. We can talk about all of my adventures and it will be so much fun!

"I will."

"Well, I'm ready to leave town when you are. Oh, I see you are collecting gym badges. There is a gym in town, you know. So how about I wait by the gate that leads to Route 9 until you get the badge in Rosecove City?"

"Oh look at that, he does talk after all."

Rosecove City

  • If talked to before taking on Rosecove Gym: "Oh good it's you. Does Jake always talk a lot? Up at my grandpa's he hardly talked, but now I can't get him to shut up. He also said he single-handedly took on Team Eclipse at Mt. Igneus and saved Brimber City. You two are quite the heroes."
  • After acquiring Float Badge:

(Turns to Player) "Oh look, [Player] is here now. How was the gym? Water-type Pokémon are okay, but my ideal Pokémon type is Dragon. I would go fight the Gym Leader but I'm more interested in adventure than I am in earning badges."

(Turns to Jake) "Don't you already have a couple badges, Jake?"

(Turns back to player) "Oh yeah, Jake was just telling me about your situation, [Player]. That is just plain awful. I promise to help you in any way I can."

(Turns to Jake again) "I'm what?"

"Oh yeah, let's go." (Turns to player for the last time) "We'll see you on the other side of the gate, [Player]. Come on through when you are ready." (Heads into the gate with Jake)

Route 9

Before Battles

"Actually, before we go anywhere, I would like to suggest we do something first."

"Well, I know you are both tough trainers. I'm curious which one of you is stronger."

"Actually, what I'm really asking is if you could let me watch you battle each other. I would also like to battle the winner of your match. I know this seems kind of sudden, but I want to make sure that you are both tough if I'm going to be travelling with you. And if the winner of your match can beat me then I will know that you are without a doubt very strong trainers."

"Well if you're afraid to battle [Player] then we'll just have our match without you." (Turns to Player) "You aren't afraid of a little friendly fight, are you [Player]?"

"[Player] seems fine with it."

"Oh good, this will be so exciting!" (Turns to Player again) "I will be cheering for you both."

"That was such a great match! You both did very well. [Player] must be really strong, though, to have beaten Jake."

"Well that was nice of you, Jake. Now I want to challenge [Player]." (Turns to Player) "This is going to be so exciting! Alright [Player], I hope you're ready! I won't be going easy on you like Jake did!"

After Battles

  • After defeating Tess: "Wait... Did I really lose?"

"Oh my, you really are a strong trainer! I thought for sure that I would win. I really don't know what happened. Maybe this is what my grandfather meant when he said I was too reckless. I must have placed too much confidence in myself."

"Actually, if we're being honest here, that was my first real battle. My grandfather would never let me go out and challenge other real trainers because he thought I would hurt myself. My Pokémon and I have only trained with each other. It's been a struggle to teach them what they know now."

"Reckless, I know."

"Well thanks, Jake. Anyways, now you know a little more about me. One of my hopes in setting out on this adventure with you is to become a real Pokémon trainer. I want my Pokémon and me to grow strong together."

"Thanks, Jake."

(Turns to Player) "[Player], you said Team Eclipse has your parents, right? I think I might know someone that can help. He's an old friend of my grandpa's and he really knows his way around Roria. I think maybe he could help us figure out where Team Eclipse's base might be."

"He actually lives in the capital city of Roria, Anthian City." (Turns to Player again) "There's a gym there too from what I've heard, [Player]."

"This will be interesting indeed."

"Well, we're on Route 9 now. I'm pretty sure we just travel through this forest until we reach Route 10. From there we travel through a cave to the top of the Cragonos Mountains."

"We want to be careful not to get lost here, though. I heard there is a haunted mansion somewhere in these woods. I would hate to end up there. Ghost-type Pokémon scare me a little. I'm not afraid to admit it."

"That's kind of you, Jake. But since we are here in the woods, can I suggest that we train? I want to see what kinds of Pokémon this area offers."

  • If talked to before proceeding onto Route 10: "Hey can I ask you something, [Player]? Does Jake really think he's stronger than you? I could tell in his battle that he was trying really hard. It seems he was battling as if everything was on the line. I hope he knows that being the strongest isn't what's important. It's what you do with that strength that defines who you are as a person. He's a good guy, I just hope he's focusing on the right things."

Route 10


"What Pokémon was that, [Player], and why did it run off?"

"Absol? You mean Absol the Disaster Pokémon?"

"Certainly not. That worries me a little."

"That was very interesting indeed." (Turns to Player) "I almost thought you were being attacked."

"Right, and we're all back together now too."

"Caves are kinda scary, though. I'd much rather take the sky train up to the top."

"Oh, I suppose that sounds alright. But if we run into any Zubats or Woobats or any other oo-bats, I don't know what I'll do."

"See ya at the top, [Player]!"

Cragonos Peak

"Awesome, looks like we're all here!"

"Why the puzzled look, [Player]? You do know where Anthian City is, right?"

"It's an astounding demonstration of where science has gotten us today. The whole city is supported by a power core that never runs dry. It's incredible!"

(Turns to Jake) "Right, but the first thing we'll need to do is go speak with my father's old friend. His name is Gerald." (Turns to Player) "He's the only person aside from my grandfather that I know, that also knew my parents. I haven't seen him for a while, but I know he works at the Poké Ball shop in Anthian City's Shopping District. Once we arrive in Anthian City, we'll need to go see him as soon as possible. He knows and talks with a lot of people all over Roria. If anyone can tell us anything about Team Eclipse and your parents, he can."

"Exactly, so let's not waste any more time." (Turns to pilot) "Alright, pilot. We're ready to go!"

Anthian City

Housing District

"We're getting close!"

(Turns to Jake) "Well, Anthian City is divided into four districts. We are currently in the Housing District. This is where are the locals live. There are even several places where trainers like us can rent apartments. Plus the museum is in this district, with lots of great art and history. At the end of the Housing District is the entrance to the Shopping District. The Shopping District is where you can do a lot of shopping for Poké Balls, clothes and other neat items. And from the Shopping District you can reach the Battle District and Park District." (Turns to Player) "First, we need to head to the Shopping District. Gerald, my father's friend, works there with his wife."

Shopping District

(Turns to Player) "Welcome to the Shopping District, [Player]. The Poké Ball shop is just ahead. Let's all go now."

Poké Ball Emporium

"Um Gerald, is that you?"

"It's been ten actually, and grandfather is old and obnoxious as always."

"Gerald, I remember my father talking about travelling with you all over Roria."

"It's alright, Gerald. I'm actually not here to talk about my parents, though."

"These are my friends Jake and [Player]. You see, not too long ago, a ruthless gang of evil people named "Team Eclipse" kidnapped [Player]'s parents. [Player] and Jake had been tracking them down until they wound up in Rosecove where Grandpa and I were attacked by Team Eclipse. Thanks to [Player] and Jake, Grandpa and I were saved. Unfortunately, we were not able to get any information on [Player]'s parents. We decided to set out and look for them together. I thought we could try asking you if you knew anything that might help us find [Player]'s parents or track down Team Eclipse."

(Turns to Gerald) "Gerald, is there anything else you can tell us about Team Eclipse? Anything that can help us find them?"

"I'm afraid I can't stand back and wait. When my parents disappeared, it took a whole month to get a search team together. I can't let that happen to [Player] too. I'm going to do whatever it takes to help save [Player]'s parents from Team Eclipse."

"Great! That would be so helpful!" (Turns to Player) "[Player], we are going to stop Team Eclipse and get your parents back! I just know it."

"I think I will wait here with you, Gerald. I want to know as soon as you find any information."

(Turns to Player) "[Player], you collect Gym Badges, right? There is a Pokémon Gym here in Anthian City, in the Battle District! If you want to go challenge it while we wait, that would be a good use of your time. It wouldn't hurt to train up your Pokémon, too, in case we run into more Team Eclipse that want to battle. I will come find you myself if anything comes up. Just don't get lost."

  • If talked to before challenging Anthian Gym: "There is a Pokémon Gym here in Anthian City, in the Battle District! If you want to go challenge it while we wait, that would be a good use of your time."

Shopping District

"[Player], thank goodness you're back! Something awful has happened. It's all my fault, too."

"Team Eclipse is back in Anthian City, and Jake has run off to face them alone! I tried to stop him, but he was determined to save your parents and protect us. I should have gone with him." (Turns to Gerald)

"What if he's captured, though?! Jake is my friend, and if it were me in trouble, he would come looking for me. Maybe I don't, but I know someone who does! [Player] you just won the badge from the Anthian City Gym, right?"

(Turns to Gerald) "[Player] happens to be an amazing Pokemon trainer, and if we went together, I doubt anyone would stand in our way. Please, Gerald, you have to let us try."

"Thank you so much, Gerald! This will be incredibly helpful. Don't worry about [Player] and I. I promise we will come back safely."

"Alright, let's go find the sewer entrance."

"Alright, let's go. Oh, I guess I haven't given you a chance to run some last-minute errands you might need to prepare for this. If it's healing your Pokemon, don't worry about that. I have plenty of potions, I'll keep our Pokemon healed up as we go through. I'll wait for you right inside, in case you want to do something else. Please hurry though, we need to find Jake quickly." (Heads into Anthian Sewer)

Anthian Sewer

"Ew, it smells awful down here. Let's try and make it to the other side as quickly as we can. You go ahead and lead, and I will follow."

  • If the player retreats to the Shopping District: "I'll wait for you here. Hurry back, though, Jake needs our help!"
  • After winning trainer battles: "(Sweet / Nice / Awesome / Amazing / Excellent) battling! Let me heal our Pokémon now."

"I think this is the end of the sewers. I can hear wind. The Park District must be on the other side of this door. Let's go make sure Jake is okay!" (Heads out to Anthian Park)

Anthian Park

"I see Jake! It looks like he is in trouble! We better hurry and help him!"

"You can't do that! He's our friend, and we won't let you take him!"

(Turns to Eclipse Admin Tyler) "Explosives? What explosives?"

"Why would you do such a thing? That would cause so much destruction! You're a professor of Pokémon, not a terrorist!"

"That's awful! How can you justify such a thing?!"

"Wait! We will not let you go without a fight! (Turns to Player) [Player], you have to stop them. They're about to leave with Jake. You're the strongest trainer I know! Please stop them."

(Turns to Absol) "[Player], it's that Absol again! It must have been following you. It doesn't seem to have a trainer... [Player] I think it wants to help you. What's in the necklace it's wearing? Oh, [Player], that must be a Mega Stone! Absol is one of the few Pokémon that is known to be capable of Mega Evolving. In order to Mega Evolve a Pokémon, the Pokémon must be holding a Mega Stone, and its trainer must be holding a Key Stone. I actually happen to have a Key Stone with me. My father gave it to me before he disappeared, but I think you should use it. (Gives player the Key Stone) If Absol is willing to help us, then you can use Mega Evolution to your advantage!"

"No, please stop! Think of all the people and Pokémon that will be destroyed as a result of this!"

"This is terrible, [Player]! They took Jake and now they're going to destroy Anthian City, along with half of Roria. What do we do?! There's not enough time to warn everyone. We need to figure out a..."

"It sounds like the explosives just detonated. It might be too late! [Player], I've never been this scared before! I can't move my legs. I can't believe this is how our adventure is going to end. [Player] I just want to thank you for... [Player] your necklace just sparkled! What is it doing?" (Turns at Dialga) "I can't believe what we are witnessing! The legendary Dragon-type Pokémon Dialga and Palkia have just appeared before us! According to the legend, they have control over time and space. What called them here, though?" (Turns to Player) "Wait, could it have been your necklace? It glowed right before they appeared. Well, whatever happened, this is a pretty big deal. We could really use their help right now." (Turns to Palkia) "Whoa! Palkia's roar seems to have temporarily stabilized the city. This might buy us some time. Now we just need to figure out a way to save everyone."

Anthian Sewer

"What just happened? We're back in the sewers. Look around everything appears to be frozen, as if time itself has stopped. This must be the power of Dialga. Oh, look at the time! My watch is frozen on the time just right as we showed up in Anthian Park to find Jake. But why would Dialga send us back here? Oh! I got it! Dialga must want us to stop the Team Eclipse Admin from planting those explosives. And as luck would have it professor Cypress gave you the key to get into the energy core room. We have what we need to save the city. Let's hurry to the core room and stop Team Eclipse. The core room must be on the other side of the sewers, close to where we first entered from behind Gerald's shop."

Anthian Park

"Hey, it looks like we're back now, and the city is safe. We may have saved the city, but Team Eclipse was still able to get away with Jake. I feel horrible right now. He was only trying to help protect us and now he's gone. If only I had been there to stop him... We have to save him, [Player], along with your family. I will do whatever it takes right now to help get them back. Team Eclipse made a big mistake by messing with my friends. They won't get away with this."

(Gerald arrives, turns to Gerald) "Oh, Gerald... what do mean there is still time? What did you find out?"

"Yes, Professor Cypress did mention that Pokémon. He said that they plan to use it to take themselves and Pokémon to a new world."

"What do you mean? They have the bottle, don't they? Isn't that all they need?"

"So Team Eclipse still doesn't have the key to open Hoopa's tomb?"

"What does the key look like?"

"Wait, a small brick? No, it couldn't be."

(Turns to Player) "[Player], you don't think the necklace your parents made you could be the key, do you?"

"Your necklace must be the key. That would explain how it called upon Dialga and Palkia to aid us. It's imbued with powers because it was crafted by Arceus."

(Turns to Gerald) "Oh, nothing..."

(Turns to Player) "Gerald is right, [Player]. You are probably the only person right now that can stop them. You've already stopped them so many times from causing so much destruction."

"[Player], I think I will stay here for now with Gerald. I want to aid him in finding more information that will help us find Team Eclipse. I want nothing more right now that to rescue my friend in need. Jake was the best friend I've ever had and I must repay his kindness. When we find more information I will fly to you immediately and share what I can. Oh, speaking of which, I want you to have this." (Gives player HM2 Fly) "That HM contains Fly. You can use Fly to travel quickly, but only to cities you've visited before. i'll see you later, [Player]."

(Turns to Gerald) "Alright Gerald, I'll be right there."

(Turns to Player) "[Player], I believe in you. I know that together we can find and save Jake and your parents. i will be doing by best to help any way I can. i didn't get to finish saying this earlier, because we were interrupted by doom and destruction, but thank you for eing such a great friend. This short joruney has already taught me so much, and my greatest lesson learned is how important my friends are. Together we are strong. So let's get Jake back."

Poké Ball Emporium

  • If talked to before challenging Fluoruma Gym: "I know you are strong enough to save Jake and your family. I wish I was out there fighting battles alongside you but I'm not strong enough. Instead, I will stay here and find information that might help us. Good luck out there, [Player]!"

Fluoruma City

"Hey, [Player]! Over here!"

"We finally caught up to you. It's so good to finally see you again! We discovered some useful new information, and came to share it with you. We knew you had traveled down to Route 11 via Sky Train, but we weren't completely sure how far you would've gotten from there. We asked around at Aredia Palace, and learned that you had already earned the Crater Badge and departed towards Fluoruma City. We expected to find you preparing to challenge Fluoruma City Gym, and here you are! ... Is that the Harvest badge?! Already? [Player], you are an incredible trainer!"

"We were able to confirm that team Eclipse's secret base is located on Crescent Island. There was also more information regarding Hoopa that seems to suggest it is indeed imprisoned somewhere on that same island."

"So what do you say, [Player]? Are you willing to take the risk, to break into Team Eclipse's base with me, and rescue everyone? ... I can tell by that expression on your face that you are very determined to do this! We've got this! We simply have to! For Jake, your parents, and all of Roria! We must stop them from unleashing Hoopa and accomplishing their goal of escaping and destroying this world."

(Turns to Gerald) "Alright, so it sounds like we have our direction. Thank you so much for you help, Gerald!"

(Turns to Player) "Alright, [Player], we're back on mission to save everyone! We'll need to be tough in the face of our adversaries. I know we can do this. Gerald said that we will need to head through Route 14 to Frostveil City. I think I'll go ahead and get a head start on my way there. I'm just really anxious, and it will give you time to gather any last-minute provisions you may need. Seeya in Frostveil!"

Route 14

This section contains major spoilers!

"You won't get away with anything. We're going to stop you!"

(Player arrives, turns to Player) "Oh good, you're here! I made it this far, before running into these guys blocking the path out."

(Turns to Grunts) "There's no way we would ever join your group of thieves and lunatics. Not after everything you've done. You've taken our friends and family, and almost destroyed an entire city."

"You people are brainwashed into believing your foolish leader's ideals. People and Pokémon are happy the way they are. Professor Cypress just can't see that. He's allowed years of overanalysis to twist his perspective on reality."

"That's the most insane thing I have heard in a long time."

(Turns to Player) "[Player], I'm going to leave it to you to crush these losers. I have no doubt that you can convince them to leave."

  • After defeating Eclipse Grunts Wayne and Jared:

"We will never join the likes of you. You people will destroy this world and see a new world fail as people and Pokémon stop helping each other. You think that people and Pokémon are not existing in harmony, but really we grow from each other. Why must you destroy everything in order to see that?"

"Wait a second, how do you know my name?"

"No! No! It can't be!


"But... How could you do this, Jake?!"

"Do you hear what you are saying, Jake? You are fine with what Cypress wants to do with the world as we know it? He's going to destroy all of Roria, and with it, all of his inhabitants! How can you be okay with that?"

"We were supposed to fight Team Eclipse together, remember? You, [Player], and I were going to stop them together. We were going to do whatever it took to stop this horrible tragedy from occuring. Instead, you seem to have given up and taken their side?"

"I'm sorry Jake, we are on a mission and we are not about to give up."

  • After defeating Eclipse Admin Jake:

"Listen to yourself, Jake. Yes we are your friends, but you've joined forces with our common enemy. I know your capture was not easy for you, but we were on our way to rescue you. You lost your faith in us and our mission, and you joined their side."

"Jake, you don't have to do this."

"I cannot believe this, [Player]... After all we've been through together, Jake has turned against us. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up now."

(Turns to Player) "You and Jake were the reason I left home on this adventure. Jake was such an inspiration to me, and now he's done this. This encounter has hurt me so very deeply. I don't know if I have the courage and energy to keep going now."


"No... We can't give up! Jake needs us now more than ever. I know that he's still good at heart. He's just confused right now, that's all. He's always been worried about how physically strong he and his Pokémon are. He still doesn't realize that physical strength is not important. It's the strength to do what's right in the face of adversity that we must cling to. We must not give up. We must help him learn that. Well, are you ready to press forward? ... Good, I'm glad that you are so strong. We can do this. After all, we have something they need and can't move forward without. The key. Your necklace is the missing puzzle piece to unlocking Hoopa. If we can keep it safe and out of their hands, they are stuck, which gives us time to reach their base. We aren't far now from Frostveil. I say we go ahead and make our way there and get prepared for the rest of our journey to Crescent Island. I'll see you in Frostveil."

Frostveil City

  • If talked to before challenging Frostveil Gym: "Hey, [Player]. Glad to see that you made it. Before we head off to Port Decca, you should swing by Frostveil City Gym and train up. We'll need you to be as strong as possible in case we run into any more Team Eclipse members."
  • If talked to after acquiring Contrast Badge: "Oh, you did it! You beat Frostveil's gym leader! That's really impressive!"

"Listen, [Player], I have a request before we move on to Port Decca. It's been a while since we battled each other. I've also been training my Pokémon, and I think we've gotten a lot stronger. What I'm saying is, do you mind if we had another battle? I think battling you will help me learn a lot more and prepare me for what's ahead. I'll give it my best shot!"

  • After defeating Tess: "You're so strong!"

"Wow, you have gotten way stronger since our last battle! I've learned so much from you, and I'm sure there is still more to learn. Thanks for the battle. Now then, we better be off to Port Decca. Route 16 is just through this gate. I heard it's a popular slope for hoverboarders. If you haven't gotten yourself a hoverboard yet, you should fly back to Anthian City first and pick one up from Hero's Hoverboards in Anthian Shopping District. I'll meet up with you in Port Decca. See you there!"

Port Decca

"Oh good, you made it, [Player]."

"Oh right, [Player], this is Brad. Brad was just telling me that he had just come from Crescent Island. Apparently it's not a very friendly place."

"What a convenient location for a group of mad men to place their base of operations."

(Turns to Brad) "Oh, that's interesting to know! [Player] has been collecting Roria's badges and only needs one more of the eight."

"That shouldn't be a problem. [Player] is one of the toughest trainers in Roria."

"Thank you, that's very kind of you!"

"By the way, what's up with the unicorn mask?"

"Ah, for your son... sure it is."

"Thanks, Mr. Narwhal!" (Turns to Player) "What a nice guy. Anyways, now's our chance to get ready to head out for Crescent Island. Once we get there we'll need to find Team Eclipse's secret base, so we'll probably want to be ready to fight. I'm going to run into the Pokémon Centre and prepare for the journey ahead. When you're ready, meet me at Decca Beach! I'll see you there, [Player]!" (Heads inside Pokémon Centre)

Decca Beach

(Waves to Player) "I've got good news [Player]! The older couple who run the fish market here said that we can try to catch a ride to Crescent Island with one of their fishermen. He rides all the way out to Crescent Island to gather fish for their market. He's down at the beach about to take off right now, so we'll need to go catch him quickly. Let's go." (Runs to fisherman with Player)

"Excuse me, sir!"

"Oh no, we aren't looking for seafood. I was hoping to ask you for help with something else."

"Well, my name is Tess and this is my friend [Player], and we need to get to Crescent Island. I talked with the older couple at the market and they told me that you make fishing trips out to Crescent Island frequently. So, I was wondering..."

"Yes, we are on a mission to save our friends and family. We're chasing a group of goons that go by the name “Team Eclipse”. They are plotting something disastrous, and if we don't stop them, Roria could be in danger."

"I wish I were making this up... We'll do whatever it takes to get to that island."

(Turns to Player and whispers) "Okay, I have a new plan. Remember how Brad gave you the Hidden Machine for teaching Surf? I will ride in the boat with this guy to the island, and you surf your way there. I know you, and I know you can handle the waters from here to there. And don't worry about me getting on a boat with a stranger. Garchomp can take this guy, easily. I mean, just look at him. His best move is probably Struggle..." (Turns to Fisherman) "Alright, it's settled. I'll ride in the boat with you, and [Player] will Surf to Crescent Island."

(Turns to Player) "I already just healed my team! Make sure you do the same. Come find me when you get to Crescent Island!" (Turns to Fisherman) "Ok, I'm ready to go." (Jumps in boat with Fisherman and rides off)

Eclipse Base

"I knew you would find us! Team Eclipse captured me and threw me into their prison with your parents. I told them you would come rescue us!"

"[Player], you can't let them win!" (Goes into Eclipse Airship)

Demon's Tomb

(After defeating Eclipse Boss Cypress) "Jake, we have fought for so long to rescue you! I am not leaving your side now."

(Turns to the portal, which has grown larger in size) "The portal... It nearly doubled in size! This can't be good!"

(Turns to Jake) "Jake, you have to stop trying to do this alone. Friends like us are always there for each other. We can finish this together if we work as a team." (A crate flies towards her)

(In slow-motion, Jake pushes Tess aside and gets knocked of his feet by the crate) "JAKE, NO!" (Jake is knocked into the portal)

  • After catching Hoopa:

"I still can't believe what just happened." (Turns to Player) "Jake was so brave. He didn't deserve what just happened to him. He is a hero after all."

(Looker arrives, turns to Looker) "Oh, I think we met your Absol!" (Turns to Player) "It joined [Player]'s side during one of our previous encounters with Cypress." (Turns to Looker) "So you came from a whole different universe just to stop Team Eclipse?"

"So you're the one that got Jake captured?"

"Wait a minute, have we even really stopped Team Eclipse, though? We don't know where they are, and we've lost Jake! Seems to me like a lose/lose ending..."

"Wait, so where did you send them?"

"So we can save Jake, right?!"

(Turns to Player and the Player's parents) "I'm going to go catch Gerald up on all this. I'll see what he knows about these other dimensions, and if there is anything I can do to help Jake. If you do decide to collect Roria's final remaining gym badge, I'll meet back up with you before you take on the Roria League." (Everyone leaves)


Image Pokémon Type Level Ability Item EXP EV Yield
Trainer: Rival Tess (Route 9) Poké Ball.pngPoké Ball.pngPoké Ball.png Reward: $900
Gabite-F XY.gif
Gabite Dragon
Lv. 32 Sand Veil None 987 2 Atk
Attacks: Sandstorm, Sand Tomb, Take Down, Slash
Shelgon XY.gif
Shelgon Dragon Lv. 31 Rock Head None 976 2 Def
Attacks: Headbutt, Focus Energy, Dragon Claw, Crunch
Axew XY.gif
Axew Dragon Lv. 30 Mold Breaker None 411 1 Atk
Attacks: Scary Face, Slash, Dragon Claw, False Swipe
Partner: Rival Tess (Anthian Sewer) Poké Ball.pngPoké Ball.pngPoké Ball.png
Gabite-F-back XY.gif
Gabite Dragon
Lv. 41 Sand Veil None N/A
Attacks: Dig, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw
Shelgon-back XY.gif
Shelgon Dragon Lv. 40 Rock Head None N/A
Attacks: Zen Headbutt, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Rock Slide
Fraxure-back XY.gif
Fraxure Dragon Lv. 41 Mold Breaker None N/A
Attacks: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Poison Jab, X-Scissor
Trainer: Rival Tess (Frostveil City) Poké Ball.pngPoké Ball.pngPoké Ball.pngPoké Ball.pngPoké Ball.png Reward: $2100
Garchomp-F XY.gif
Garchomp Dragon
Lv. 68 Sand Veil None 3934 3 Atk
Attacks: Dragon Claw, Slash, Dig, Dragon Rush
Salamence XY.gif
Salamence Dragon
Lv. 69 Intimidate None 3992 3 Atk
Attacks: Zen Headbutt, Flamethrower, Double Edge, Scary Face
Haxorus XY.gif
Haxorus Dragon Lv. 69 Rivalry None 3592 3 Atk
Attacks: Dragon Pulse, Swords Dance, Guillotine, Outrage
Druddigon XY.gif
Druddigon Dragon Lv. 68 Rough Skin None 2477 2 Atk
Attacks: Outrage, Dragon Tail, Rock Climb, Superpower
Altaria XY.gif
Altaria Dragon
Lv. 70 Natural Cure None 2580 2 Sp. Def
Attacks: Moonblast, Dragon Pulse, Perish Song, Sky Attack
There was no change to the above matches between any of the updates. All information above only applies to the Normal Adventure Mode.


Rival Tess has given player the following items:

Icon Item Obtaining Location
Key Stone.png
Key Stone Anthian Park Given by Rival Tess before the boss battle.
HM Flying.png
HM2 Flying
Given by Rival Tess after saving Anthian City.


  • Tess' purple hair and scarf seemingly resemble her speciality of Dragon-type Pokémon.
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