As opposed to the stationary Set Encounters, Roaming Pokémon wander around the whole region of Roria and are found anywhere in the wild with an extremely slim chance. This encountering method is exclusive to Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, as well as 2 Event Pokémon.


In core series games, Roaming Pokémon had 2 notorious habits: they would constantly teleport from route to route and immediately try to flee when encountered, keeping their health and status conditions if they are damaged before successfully retreating.

However, in Pokémon Brick Bronze, regular Roaming Pokémon instead have an encounter rate of 1/1000 (0.1%) generally in all locations with grass and flower patches, as well as walking encounters including caves which, in main series games, hardly allowed Roaming Pokémon to show up. They will also battle the player instead of attempting to escape in the first turn, in sharp contrast to their behaviour in the core series, unless encountered in Roria Safari Zone. As of now, all regular Roaming Pokémon appear at Lv. 40, while the levels of event Roaming Pokémon are not fixed — they are in the level range of the route they are found in.

Roaming Pokémon can appear in: Roaming Pokémon will not show up in:
  • Grass Patches*
  • Buildings
  • Flowers*
  • Snow Piles
  • Caves
  • Deep Sand
  • Waves
  • Surfing
  • Swamp
  • Fishing
  • Dirt Piles
  • Trees
  • Candles
  • Cracked Rocks
  • Set Encounters
  • Weekly Encounters
  • Sand Lumps

*Warning: If encountered in the tall grass or flowers in Roria Safari Zone, the Roaming Pokémon will abide to Safari Game mode instead of battling against the player. This also means that it has a chance to flee in each turn.

Roaming Pokémon are also no longer "One chance only" — if the player is very lucky, he or she can encounter the same Roaming Pokémon multiple times, even if it is already captured, and beating the Roria League is not required to make Roaming Pokémon show up again if any of them are defeated. As a result of this change, status conditions no longer remain on Roaming Pokémon if the player fails to catch them. Nevertheless, with the general rarity being 0.1% and specific encounter rate further divided, players are still strongly recommended to save immediately after successfully catching a Roaming Pokémon. Turning off Autosave and manually saving the game before searching for one is also recommended to preserve Poké Balls, in case the attempt of capturing ends up as a failure.

Boosting the Chances

Game Pass and Ro-Power

From the Aredia City update on 20th January, 2017 onwards, a Ro-Power of quadrupling the Roaming Pokémon encounter rate is available. Its selling price is 150 Robux — the priciest among all Ro-Powers. It only lasts for 1 hour per purchase and is only available if 3 or more Roaming Pokémon encounters are enabled.

A game pass for doubling the chance for Roaming Pokémon to show up is also added. It is very expensive and costs 600 Robux — quadruple of the marked price for the afore-mentioned Ro-Power, but the effect is permanent. These 2 boosts can stack with each other, bringing the maximum encounter rate to 1/125 (0.8%); sadly, they do not work on Event Roaming Pokémon.

Master Balls?

Master Balls can be bought in Poké Ball Emporium, Anthian City - Shopping District starting from Aredia City update. Being the ultimate Poké Ball, Master Ball is guaranteed to catch any Wild Pokémon, and for the first time in any Pokémon games, it is available for purchase. Each Master Ball costs 50 Robux and cannot be purchased in bulk, disabling the Premier Ball bonus.

For players who do not have enough Robux, they can buy Quick Balls and use them immediately when a Roaming Pokémon shows up because Quick Balls have 5× catch rate in the first turn. In case Quick Balls fail, when players are battling Roaming Pokémon overnight or in caves, Dusk Balls are the best option with the 3.5× catch rate. Elemental Balls are also good backups, using the Roaming Pokémon's type to players' advantage, but they cost double the price of Quick and Dusk Balls, while only having the catch rate of a maximum effect Dusk Ball.


Weaken + Status Condition

As Roaming Pokémon here no longer flee on the first turn, players can simply apply the same strategy for catching Set Encounter Legendary or Mythical Pokémon. Start by throwing a Quick Ball, which has 5× catch rate in the first turn. If it fails, weaken the Pokémon with attacks that should not be able to make it faint, until its health bar is in red. False Swipe is a commonly used attack for catching Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, because it is a unique attack that will never render the opponent unable to battle. TM54 False Swipe is available for purchase in the BP Shop, Colosseum Marketplace for 45 BP, while some Pokémon also learn this move via levelling up.

Inflicting a status condition also increases the catch rate, but players are strongly discouraged from burning or poisoning the Pokémon in order to prevent potential knockouts. Once the Pokémon is in critical health and is asleep, paralyzed or frozen, start throwing the most effective Poké Balls according to the situation until it is caught.

Repel Trick

Repel Trick was a widely used tactic in core series games to find Roaming Pokémon. Bottles of Repel, Super Repel and Max Repel, when used, shut down all Wild Pokémon encounters below the level of the player's leading Pokémon. Therefore many players used this trick to track down Roaming Pokémon, which were almost guaranteed to be stronger than normal Wild Pokémon in those games. However, it is unfortunately disabled in Pokémon Brick Bronze, because this would make players bump into Roaming Pokémon more easily and efficiently, nullifying the 1/1000 encounter rate.

Lists of Roaming Pokémon

Regular Roaming Pokémon

All regular Roaming Pokémon have a combined encounter rate of 1/1000 (0.1%) and can be boosted by the game pass, as well as the Ro-Power. Their levels are always at Lv. 40. Once they show up, the music immediately changes to the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon battle theme when the screen flashes white.

Default Roaming Pokémon

The Pokémon listed below can only be encountered as Roaming Pokémon. Set Encounters are not available for them. To trigger their Roaming encounters, players must first visit a certain location. The first 7 roamed in core series Pokémon games as well, until Regigigas, who broke this pattern.

Group Pokémon Type Image Triggering Location Held Item
Forces of Nature Tornadus
Incarnate Form
Tornadus-Incarnate XY.gif
Nature's Den None
Incarnate Form
Thundurus-Incarnate XY.gif
Legendary Beasts Raikou Electric
Raikou XY.gif
Cragonos Sanctuary None
Entei Fire
Entei XY.gif
Suicune Water
Suicune XY.gif
Eon Duo Latias Dragon
Latias XY.gif
Route 15 None
Latios Dragon
Latios XY.gif
Legendary Titans Regigigas Normal
Regigigas XY.gif
Titans' Throng None
Mew Duo Mew Psychic
Mew XY.gif
Secret Lab Lum Berry.png
Swords of Justice Cobalion Steel
Cobalion XY.gif
Secret Grove None
Virizion Grass
Virizion XY.gif
Terrakion Rock
Terrakion XY.gif
Celebi Psychic
Celebi XY.gif
Route 9 Lum Berry.png

Roam After Set Encounters

The following Pokémon roam around Roria after battling in their Set Encounters, regardless of the result. Due to the extreme rarity, players should catch them during the Set Encounters rather than treating Roaming battles as second chances.

Group Pokémon Type Image Set Encounter Held Item
Jirachi Steel
Jirachi XY.gif
Grove of Dreams Star Piece.png
Land Form
Shaymin-Land XY.gif
Cragonos Cliffs Lum Berry.png
Victini Psychic
Victini XY.gif
Aredia Ruins None
Forces of Nature Landorus
Incarnate Form
Landorus-Incarnate XY.gif
Nature's Den None
Heatran Fire
Heatran XY.gif
Igneus Depths None
Diancie Rock
Diancie XY.gif
Chamber of the Jewel None
Legendary Titans Regirock Rock
Regirock XY.gif
Calcite Chamber None
Registeel Steel
Registeel XY.gif
Martensite Chamber None
Regice Ice
Regice XY.gif
Dendrite Chamber None
Volcanion Fire
Volcanion XY.gif
Steam Chamber None
Swords Of Justice Keldeo Water
Keldeo-Ordinary XY.gif
Secret Grove None
Legendary Birds Zapdos Electric
Zapdos XY.gif
Voltridia Cavern None
Articuno Ice
Articuno XY.gif
Frigidia Cavern None
Moltres Fire
Moltres XY.gif
Obsidia Cavern None
Marshadow Fighting
Marshadow SM.gif
Shadow Void (2017 Halloween Event) None
Tower Duo Lugia Psychic
Lugia XY.gif
Silver Cove None
Genesect Bug
Genesect XY.gif
Gene Lab None
Hoopa Confined
Hoopa-Confined XY.gif
Demon's Tomb None

Event Roaming Pokémon

The following Pokémon roamed around Roria during certain events. Their encounter rates were slightly higher than the afore-mentioned regular Roaming Pokémon, but they were still extremely rare to find. Their levels were also not fixed. Ro-Power and the game pass would fail on these Pokémon. The background music would only be the normal Wild Pokémon battle theme when they appeared.

Pokémon Image Event Encounter Rate Status Evolution Image
White Haunter
2016 Halloween Event
1/500 (0.2%) Ended Gengar
Halloween Gengar
White Gengar.png
Red Heart
Red Tail Pikachu.gif
2017 Valentine's Event
1/400 (0.25%) Ended Refuses to evolve
Cannot breed

Purple Heart Pikachu is the Shiny form of Red Heart Pikachu.

Pikachu Shiny
Purple Heart
Shiny Red Tail Pikachu.gif

Scale of Roaming Pokémon

Among all Regular Roaming Pokémon, within that 0.1% encounter rate, there is a hidden scale to determine how scarcely will a specific Roaming Pokémon show up. The scale runs from 2 to 4, with 2 being the lowest. A pattern can also be found in the scale, as follows:

Scale Pattern Roaming Pokémon
4 Roam after Set Encounters JirachiShaymin (Land Form)VictiniHeatranDiancieRegirockRegisteelRegiceVolcanionZapdosArticunoMoltresMarshadow (event-exclusive)GenesectHoopa (Hoopa Confined)
3 Default Roaming Pokémon Tornadus (Incarnate Form)Thundurus (Incarnate Form)RaikouEnteiSuicuneLatiosLatiasMewCobalionVirizionTerrakionCelebi
2 Require group members to unlock Landorus (Incarnate Form)RegigigasKeldeo (Ordinary Form)Lugia


  • The encounter rate of White Haunter was 1/800 (0.125%) at first. A few days prior to the 2016 Halloween Event's end, the rate was increased to 1/500 (0.2%).
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