Rosecove Gym is the third Gym in Roria. It is located in Rosecove City, in front of Rosecove Beach to symbolize that it specializes in Water-type Pokemon, so players who have many Fire-type, Rock-type or Ground-type Pokémon should be careful. Leader Quentin is in-charge of the Gym, which contains 3 pipe puzzles for players to solve so they can progress throughout the Gym. He gives out Float Badge when defeated by the player.


Pokémon Brick Bronze - 3rd Gym Pipe Puzzle Guide

Pokémon Brick Bronze - 3rd Gym Pipe Puzzle Guide

The solution to the pipe puzzles.

Rosecove Gym is at a high elevation, so there is a beautiful view of the ocean in front, which is also a scenic spot for sunset as it is completely exposed to the west. It is a Gym with complex machine rooms under the floor that make the pipe puzzles and faucets work. It has large gaps between the puzzles with floating wood planks that come up to the player's level once he or she clears one of the puzzles, so the player can walk to the next one. The wood planks and other decorations inside resemble the game Whatever Floats Your Boat.

Gym Puzzle

Rosecove Gym's puzzle is pretty complicated. The player must step on the metal platforms on the right, which then enables he or she to move the blue pipe pieces and organize them in a way that connects the faucet to the switch. However, the grey blocks and pipe pieces cannot be moved, which makes it difficult to form the correct path.


Image Pokémon Type Level Ability Item EXP EV Yield
Trainer: Beach Bum Ralf Poké BallPoké BallPoké Ball Reward: $480
Tentacool XY
Lv. 29UnknownNone4161 Sp. Def
Attacks: Wrap, Acid Spray, Bubble Beam, Barrier
Horsea XY
HorseaWaterLv. 29UnknownNone3661 Sp. Atk
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Twister, Focus Energy
Tentacruel XY
Lv. 29UnknownNone11572 Sp. Def
Attacks: Wrap, Bubble Beam, Acid Spray, Barrier
Trainer: Beach Bum Cameron Poké BallPoké Ball Reward: $496
Wailmer XY
WailmerWaterLv. 30UnknownNone5141 HP
Attacks: Water Pulse, Brine, Mist, Rest
Mantine XY
Lv. 31UnknownNone10822 Sp. Def
Attacks: Headbutt, Water Pulse, Wide Guard, Take Down
Trainer: Beach Babe Darla Poké BallPoké BallPoké Ball Reward: $480
Wartortle XY
WartortleWaterLv. 30UnknownNone9121 Def
1 Sp. Def
Attacks: Bite, Protect, Rapid Spin, Water Pulse
Prinplup XY
PrinplupWaterLv. 30UnknownNone9122 Sp. Atk
Attacks: Peck, Bubble Beam, Bide, Fury Attack
Marshtomp XY
Lv. 30UnknownNone9122 Atk
Attacks: Foresight, Bide, Mud Bomb, Rock Slide
Trainer: Beach Bum Roland Poké Ball Reward: $496
Lapras XY
Lv. 31UnknownNone12422 HP
Attacks: Rain Dance, Water Pulse, Perish Song, Body Slam
Trainer: Gym Leader Quentin Poké BallPoké BallPoké Ball Reward: $5920, Float Badge, TM55
Wailmer XY
WailmerWaterLv. 35UnknownNone6001 HP
Attacks: Scald, Brine, Rollout
Gorebyss XY
GorebyssWaterLv. 37UnknownNone13472 Sp. Atk
Attacks: Scald, Psychic, Draining Kiss
Huntail XY
HuntailWaterLv. 37UnknownNone13471 Atk
1 Def
Attacks: Scald, Ice Fang, Crunch
Some of the rewards, Pokémon Levels and EXP Points in the above matches have been modified during certain updates. Please check the trivia section for details. All information above only applies to the Normal Adventure Mode.


If the player is victorious against Quentin, he will award the player with Float Badge, which raises the level limit of obedience for Pokémon traded-in up to Lv. 50. He also gives the player TM55 Scald.

State Item Obtaining Location
Float Badge
Float BadgeGiven by Gym Leader Quentin upon victory.
TM Water
TM55 Water
There was no change to the above items between any of the updates.


  • Gym Leader Quentin is based on Quenty — the creator of Whatever Floats Your Boat. Rosecove Gym has a lot of Whatever Floats Your Boat references.
    • Leader Quentin gave 5440 dollars only before the free access update. His Wailmer was 2 levels lower and gave 565 EXP Points, while his Gorebyss and Huntail were 3 levels lower and gave 1238 EXP Points.
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