Silvent City is the first major city the player encounters in Roria. It is also home to the first gym the player encounters in his or her adventure. Routes 3 and 4 connect to this city.

Notable Places

Silvent Gym

Main article: Silvent Gym

The Silvent Gym is an Electric-type Gym and has a party taking place inside when the player enters it. The player has to walk on 2 sets of dance pads without stepping on the same panel twice in order to pass and battle Gym Leader Chad, who is the DJ of the party. After defeating him, the Arc Badge and TM57 Charge Beam are awarded. The player also receives the Recreational Teleportation Device (abbreviated as the RTD) from Rival Jake upon victory prior to leaving the gym.

Set Recommended Path

Eevee House

Eevee House

House for obtaining Eevee is opposite to the stairs for Pokémon Centre.

There is a house in Silvent City where the player would have received a free Shiny Eevee from the old man inside if he or she paid for early access to the game. The house is opposite the staircase leading to Pokémon Centre. As of 22nd October, 2016, the reward has been terminated as the game is now free to access. However, months later, the old man inside has started giving out normal Eevee from 9th March, 2017 onward for any player who has joined the official Roblox Pokémon Brick Bronze Group.

Trick Room House

The house next to the Pokémon Centre contains TM92 Trick Room, but to obtain the TM, the player must figure out a way to access the secret room inside the house. The room is hidden above a set of shelves which the player has to climb.


There is a strange cellar located on the outermost edge of Silvent City. It is surrounded by barbed wire fences, and the door is locked, making it inaccessible at the present time.

Catching Porygon

In the Pokémon Centre, a man says that the PC is not working properly and may need an upgrade. If the player boots up the PC, and there will be a pink mark in the background of the PC Storage Box that scrolls along with the wallpaper. When the player clicks on it, Porygon will promptly battle the player. Note that Porygon can be fought only once, so save beforehand and turn off Autosave. Also, Porygon cannot be encountered on a mobile device, so it must be done on a PC or Mac.


Gift Pokémon

Warning: Players can only receive the following Pokémon once. Save beforehand. Requires membership in the official Roblox Pokémon Brick Bronze Group.

PokémonTypeLevelImage Status
Shiny Pokémon Star
Normal Lv. 5
Eevee-Shiny XY
Eevee Normal Lv. 5
Eevee XY

Set Encounter

Warning: Players can only battle the following Pokémon once! Save beforehand and turn off Autosave.

Pokémon Type Level Image Rarity Item EV Yield
Set Encounter
PorygonNormalLv. 5
Porygon XY
One OnlyNone1 Sp. Atk
If attempts of catching the above Pokémon failed, immediately leave the game and rejoin without saving, in order to secure a second chance.

Click on the Pokémon names to check their learnsets on Bulbapedia. All Pokémon above follow their movesets in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Hover on the item sprites to check the exact chance of being held by the Set Encounter Pokémon.


Silvent Gym

Image Pokémon Type Level Ability Item EXP EV Yield
Trainer: Bouncer David Poké Ball Reward: $352
Electrike XY
ElectrikeElectricLv. 11StaticNone1391 Speed
Trainer: Bouncer Jed Poké BallPoké Ball Reward: $320
Electrike XY
ElectrikeElectricLv. 10StaticNone1261 Speed
Mareep XY
MareepElectricLv. 10StaticNone1201 Sp. Atk
Trainer: Gym Leader Chad Poké BallPoké Ball Reward: $2240, Arc Badge, TM57
Shinx-M XY
ShinxElectricLv. 13IntimidateNone1361 Atk
Attacks: Tackle, Charge Beam, Charge
Pikachu-M XY
PikachuElectricLv. 14StaticNone2922 Speed
Attacks: Charge Beam, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave
Some of the rewards, Pokémon Levels and EXP Points in the above matches have been modified during certain updates. Please check the trivia section for details. All information above only applies to the Normal Adventure Mode.


State Item Obtaining Location
Item Ball
Dusk Ball
Dusk BallBehind the house that is on the left to the Pokémon Centre. Go to the left and behind the building to get it.
Gold Item Ball
TM Psychic
TM92 Psychic
Trick Room
In the house that is on the right to the Pokémon Centre. Climb up the shelf next to the fridge and go through the wall to access the hidden room.
Arc Badge
Arc BadgeGiven by Gym Leader Chad upon victory.
TM Electric
TM57 Electric
Charge Beam
Requires Arc Badge Arc Badge
Recreational Teleportation DeviceObtained from Rival Jake when leaving Silvent Gym.
There was no change to the above items between any of the updates.


  • Silvent Gym Leader Chad is based on ChadTheCreator, who created Club Boates and After The Flash. The Gym is constructed in a similar theme to Club Boats.
    • Leader Chad gave only 2080 dollars before the free access update. His Shinx and Pikachu were also 1 level lower.
    • Due to a character model error, Chad has dirty blonde hair when talking, but instead has black hair during the battle.
  • The music in Silvent City was based on Fallarbor Town, Hoenn from the core series game Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, until the version 0.7.3 update on 13th July, 2016, where the soundtrack has been replaced with an original composition by Kyle Allen Music.
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