• Apologies on being quiet for so long, mostly because of my own full-time job. You all probably know that Lando, Tbradm and their team, now named "Llama Train Studio", announced Loomian Legacy earlier as their new project series, with Loomian Legacy: Veils Of Shadow as the first installment.

    Many of you have wondered what are our plans with that. Originally we planned on waiting for more information to be disclosed before we would make our own Loomian Legacy Wiki, and with that everyone in the PBB Wikia Administration Team shall retain their positions over there. We knew that some other editors have created their own LL Wiki. At first, our decision was that the information revealed so far was still not sufficient enough for creation of a Wiki and we should wait for longer. However, we have quickly noticed that their LL Wiki was designed very well and has good foundation. One of our Admins Endebros discussed with them on merging our staff with theirs, and they have agreed on the following:

    • All current Bureaucrats and Administrators will keep their positions upon transferring, if they are interested in contributing to LL Wiki.
      • Please report to LL Wiki and begin editing or posting blogs / Discussion Board threads, then wait for LL Wiki staff to promote you.
    • Content Moderators will require recommendations from Bureaucrats or Administrators to transfer there.
      • We have faith in the skills of all our Content Mods, so activeness will be our prime concern when considering who to recommend. Please reply here or message one of the Bureaucrats / Admins via Message Wall / Discord if interested.
    • Discussion Moderators cannot automatically transfer and will have to re-apply completely.

    Credits to LL Wiki Bureaucrats Beckaaa, Mxdanger and their Administration Team for their impressive work for setting up the foundation of LL Wiki, and we are very grateful that they allow us to join them. We are looking forward to the collaboration with their team, and hopefully we will see you over there contributing to the LL Wiki!

    One important note about the LL Wiki is that, it will be a considerably more challenging Wiki to build, because we have to create standalone articles for all Loomian species, mechanics, attacks and so on over there once we acquire sufficient information, unlike here where we would just provide links to Bulbapedia. LL Wiki will eventually be much larger than the scale of PBB Wikia, and we will need as much help as we can get to manage the Wiki. We are going to recruit more and more staff in the future over there. New contributors are always welcome, as long as you refrain from vandalism, spamming and adding speculations to articles. Remember that speculations must only be posted on user blogs or Discussion Board. The link to Loomian Legacy Wiki is:

    PS: As for the PBB Wikia, it shall remain operational and continue to serve as the memorial of Pokémon Brick Bronze. There are also plenty of useful templates which we will export to LL Wiki for further usage.

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    • Thanks, Weather! Hopefully, most of the team will get back together again. And I look forward to seeing some new faces. Best of luck to everyone who will apply for Administration Team!

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    • I am also excited about everyone coming back together again. Now to wait for more news to happen.

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    • Attention: Each Bureaucrat can only vouch for 5 Content Mods to be transferred, while each Admin can only vouch for 3 Content Mods. For now I already have 4 members on my list -- Dennydoesgaming, L1242092, MeeperCreep and KirLudwig. If any Bureaucrat or Admin has his or her list full, please notify others here and on Discord server. Content Mods should pay attention to the available recommendation slots remaining for the Bureaucrat / Admin.

      As for Discussion Mods, please fill out this form if you would like to transfer for LL Wiki:

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    • For any Bureaucrats who still have yet to join LL Wiki: Due to request from Beckaaa, Mxdanger and their Administration Team, from now on Bureaucrats can only join as LL Wiki Admins, until you make major contributions to prove your skills, activeness and trustworthiness. This only applies to those who have yet to join LL Wiki. I have faith that everyone will regain Bureaucrat status. Good luck!

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    • Wait, How about the one who doesnt have titles like that. Will you hire a new admin / moderator in the wiki. I hope you reply soon

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    • CyanVin wrote: Wait, how about the one who doesn't have titles like that? Will you hire a new admin / moderator in the wiki? I hope you reply soon.

      Given that LL Wiki will eventually grow into a significantly bigger Wiki than the PBB Wikia -- which already had more than 200 pages by the time PBB got killed, it will be necessary to hire more and more staff. When the time comes, we will announce the details on LL Wiki.

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    • ok thank god they're back i'm gonna join after long time offline and also contribute to this

      "new (wiki or game?)" since i always prefer to it when playing

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    • We probably also need mods in different timezones to deal with vandalism

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    • I worked hard to support this wiki. I hope to do the same for the Loomian Legacy wiki.

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    • Maybe I can reunite with fandom by contributing to that, as I have been in a discovery trip for new wikis lately and I was too shy to contribute majorly. Hopefully I'll try

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    • I don't know if you can make it part-time, but ok.

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    • Interesting.. as for me, I no longer have the interest or time to invest in Roblox anymore, so I will not be involving myself in this.

      On that note however, I do wish you all good luck for those that are moving to the wiki and are going to be working on it.

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