Located to the south of Cosmeos Valley, Tinbell Construction Site is the piece of land where Tinbell Tower is currently being constructed. There are no Wild Pokémon or Trainers to fight in this area — instead, all Wild Encounters and Trainer Battles occur in the tower itself.


Upon entry, a sign with "Tinbell Tower Under Construction" can be seen to the right of the wooden walkway, which leads to a ramp and an elevator connecting to the higher floors on the interior of Tinbell Tower. The ramp just outside the lift has a Lucky Punch beneath it. The workers notify the player that they have started building Tinbell Tower 2 years ago, and the Boss allows many Pokémon to work alongside in building. He also welcomes trainers in to explore and understand their construction life, while he is a very strong trainer as well and is open to fight ambitious trainers. They also warn that Wild Pokémon work alongside the workers to construct the building, but if provoked, they may challenge the player to a battle.

Turning left from the gate leads to a cargo area for trucks to deliver the goods. TM8 Bulk Up is behind a truck there for the player to pick up. A tunnel directly connects to the container terminal at Port Decca, but it is for vehicles only and is inaccessible to pedestrian.


State Item Obtaining Location
Item Ball
Lucky Punch
Lucky PunchBelow the ramp that leads to the Tinbell Tower.
Gold Item Ball
TM Fighting
TM8 Fighting
Bulk Up
Behind the truck.
There was no change to the above items between any of the updates.


  • The gate connecting Cosmeos Valley to this area has some material stashed, and for the first time since the gate outside Fortulose Manor, no one is there to guard it.
  • "Tinbell" is a combination of "Tin" and "Bell", both referencing the same Tower in Ecruteak City, Johto, which was formerly named as "Tin Tower" and later on renamed as "Bell Tower".
  • If the player glitches over the fence behind the tower using a hoverboard, he or she can enter a cave-like area outside of the map with the phrase "suh dude" spelt out in bricks at the end of it.
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