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Titans' Throng is a secret room located deep in the abandoned ruins on Route 14. To gain access, the player needs to have "The 3 Protectors" Regirock, Registeel and Regice in his or her party. The final member of the Legendary Titans — Regigigas, waits for the player inside as a statue.

Notable Event

Encountering Regigigas

Completing the puzzles in Frostveil Catacombs would enable access to the Calcite, Martensite and Dendrite Chambers with the first 3 Legendary Titans waiting for the player's arrival in each of them. After successfully catching and having all 3 of them in party, players can approach the locked door in Route 14 ruins, with "The Three Protectors will awaken the Titan" written on it. The door will then open with a violent shake.

Upon entering Titans' Throng, a grey statue of Regigigas can be seen inside. Approaching it will cause the "statue" to awake and break open to the presence of other Protectors, revealing that it is indeed the sleeping Titan itself. The player prepares to fight Regigigas right there like fighting the Protectors beforehand... but suddenly Regigigas turns left and slowly walks to a blocked cave exit to the player's right, smashing it open and disappearing from the chamber!

From this point onwards, Regigigas can be found roaming in the wild, and it is the first non-roaming Legendary Pokémon in the core series Pokémon games to be roaming by default in Pokémon Brick Bronze.


  • Regigigas is the only Legendary or Mythical Pokémon in this game to go roaming while all other group members are Set Encounters.
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